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  Q4A1a - Questions for Answers - Part1a (Politically corrected)1 comment
picture23 Jul 2003 @ 14:37, by Max Sandor

Since I just can't get an inflite-mating picture, I should have at least portrayed the lady, too. Or so some readers wrote me.

OK, OK, here she is, Lady Dragonfly, hovering over the pond, watched from within the water underneath by two

Baby Kois! (a red/white one and a dark one, quite possibly without pedigree; 2 out of a few hundreds)

Hmmm, quite a different world one finds oneself in there, just with a lil' zooming...

What questions would a Baby Koi have, if any?
Do Koi have questions?


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1 comment

25 Jul 2003 @ 02:44 by Aum Pa @ : Sure
Sure, I talked to a Dutch baby Koi the other day, and it asked me two questions well, maybe two and a half: 1. Do you have my pacifier; 2. Two how did I get here and are you God?
You just have to use your consciousness zoom Mx...  

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