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picture27 Jul 2003 @ 19:44, by Max Sandor

King Edward Lizard Agemo was right on with his promise of two new didges: they grew virtually over night amidst the canna brava in front of my temple. They are white, though, and they smell and feel like PVC. There is a big one and a smaller one. The big didgeridoo will be for Ed and I'll leave the baptizing to him.

The smaller one...

has announced its name immediately after harvesting it: "Eh Yeh Aum-Pa, Aum-Pa Oruko Mi O". Listen to the sound file! Loosely translated this means: "I am Aum Pa, Aum Pa is my name, yes indeed!"!.

The new didge(ridoo) has the word "Excalibur" imprinted on its side and a bar code. Is it the mark, I wonder!? Its full name therefore will be "Aum-Pa Redbird Excalibur". It will be formally introduced and put to into service at next Saturday's SkyCircle in Topanga Canyon. E-mail if you want to join the in-crowd. By then, it will wear some makeup, of course, and perhaps get some jewelry or necklaces, who knows.

Note: Aum-Pa is a name of Captain Bernard Wisser, he is thus the official namesgiver :-) and he has one of the stories behind the mystical name Aum Pa!

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29 Jul 2003 @ 04:18 by Shazam-Aum-Pa @ : Not sure
I don't know if you should have mentioned the Aum Pa stories in plural...a couple of them are just for initiates...we wouldn't want to blow any minds that haven't been prepared...on the other hand when I taught abnormal psychology at the U of F (I couldn't do it any other way)I didn't consider myself a success unless I sent one student to mental help ward every trimester....
Boy-oh-boy you just don't know how cool the makeup, jewelery, and necklace bit is --it so appropriate for Juniors formal introduction-- since for a five year period Aum-pa (his proud namesake) in his 60's to 70's incarnation, was Mr. Bernard the famous makeup artist, for Revlon, Coty, Bourgoise, Dina Merril and Mary Quant...He did that to support his paintings...but he enjoyed the fringe benefits...
Two Darns: 1 wished I lived over there in glitter land so Erica (the celeberity) and I could be at the Sky Circle bash in order to lay an initiaton blessing and kiss directly on Aum-Pa Redbird Excalibur...I will just have to do it using some of the body transcending techniques, you explicate...
Perhaps, I can empower my daughter Spring Aspers(the Music Director)who lives in Laurel Canon to officiate and lay a kiss down for me...if you will allow me to invite her, and if she can't maybe her mom the actress can...I am So Thrilled-first time a baby didge baptized itself in my name...; 2nd Darn-- My sound card blew 3 days ago...and I have been able to hear any of your holy Moley sound files yet....ffffffffffffffrustration....but my hardware maven promises to be over in the next few days and straighten me out...
LAST BUT COITANLY NOT LEAST...I have created a visual representation of the I Am mantra mentioned above and it is now on on todays (the 29th)Abstract Art-by you know who....  

29 Jul 2003 @ 11:20 by waalstraat : There are Typo's above...
and there is no way to edit it....hope you can reason it out....  

23 Apr 2005 @ 15:14 by Sue @ : I Am mantra
I am looking for the originator of the I Am Mantra,
I am
I am all that I am
One with the universal mind,
One with the source of all life,
I am one with all life forms
and they are one with me,,, etc

Can you help?
Love and light,

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