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picture28 Jul 2003 @ 11:47, by Max Sandor

So, with a bit of delay, the Q4A finally starts. It's easy - I say the answer, you e-mail the question.

The best answer gets a free Shango Overdrive CD (except the first trial round because I already blurbed out the Q&A on one of my mailing lists).

Here it goes..

The answer is:

**** "The teacher begins to learn from his student." ***

Now, what was the question?

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28 Jul 2003 @ 12:11 by Kathie @ : Who knows the question?
How do you know if the teacher is effective in his teaching?  

28 Jul 2003 @ 12:28 by swanny : Answer
If they turn a liability..... the subject/student....
Into an asset..... the object/person  

28 Jul 2003 @ 18:21 by morelove : Question Is
When does a teacher know they've done a good job?  

29 Jul 2003 @ 00:23 by waalstraat : Venerable Teacher
How can I ever repay you?  

29 Jul 2003 @ 09:12 by mx @ : send it to paypal, hehehehe :-)
waalstraat: I'll make it very ease for you: go to and deposit to


29 Jul 2003 @ 09:45 by waalstraat : That is so Material my son
I think you misunderstood....I can understand that-- surrounded by all those interesting critters, and distractions...but what I was doing was giving you a question to your answer:
Question: "How can I ever repay you?" Answer: "The teacher begins to learn from his student." I was hoping to win a free CD with that...So sue me if I'm only visually creative...Buddha didn't have much use for speculative philosopy...heeee,haaaaa,heeee, :>0 Don't wait too long for Pen Pal...they won't accept my credit card-- they want me to fill out the app all over again...good european card and it mixes them up....first time in my life I had good credit too....OY I'm such a CENTERED VICTIM. I haven't got married again because they want me to fill out too many forms....  

29 Jul 2003 @ 10:20 by swanny : Hmmmm
well...... it is a misleading premise......
You are talking in the third person....
As such it does not follow the typical
response/query format. It is not in the
inquisitorial sense or "tense".
Unless perhaps it is phrased as such
"What is the opposite of ?:
The student begins to learn from the teacher."
And I don't want a CD but you can deposit into my
Paypal account...... Hee hee *smiles*  

29 Jul 2003 @ 13:06 by mx @ : the first round won't have a CD reward..
I already published the question to the answer last week elsewhere.
But, yes, waalstraat, I read you :-)

There is probably never only one question for each answer, I select the closest to the original question that led to the answer.

Let's wait another day and see what ohat questions might comes up :-)  

30 Jul 2003 @ 00:47 by waalstraat : Hi Mx
I ran across this quote this morning and thought you might enjoy it...
"A Master who cannot bow to a disciple cannot bow to Buddha."..(n).9-00
- Suzuki Roshi  

30 Jul 2003 @ 09:55 by spiritseek : When
is a student ready?  

31 Jul 2003 @ 04:49 by spiritseek : Hey!
Can I get a witness?  

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