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picture1 Aug 2003 @ 15:59, by Max Sandor

What really is a teacher?

To me a teacher is someone that is doing or saying something that provides for someone else an experience or insight that the latter would not have realized otherwise.

A teacher is thus dependend on the student to be a teacher.

(several paragraphs omitted)

These are the possible accomplishments as a teacher (please add on to the list, if you have ideas about it):

A- students learn some verbal or written information
B- students realize some basic truths about life (the existence of archetypes for example
C- students are able to study for themselves (coming into discovery mode)
D- students are teaching the teacher

IMPORTANT: Level A by itself is UTTERLY USELESS (or even dangerously stupid).

(the end of the original article skipped).

Note in this context: upon closer inspection, one could state that there are only very, very few 'master' teachers around. Besides other reasons, this is also because for true learning to occur, the teacher must discard his/her own ego and be willing to be simply a student. Really the only person whom I know personally who was demonstrating this convincingly was Vernon Howard.

Regarding the contest:

the question was:

How do you know if a teacher is a true master (-teacher)?

From the words Kathie was the closest, followed by Morelove.

From the essence, Waalstraat made an absolute homerun by posting the following quote:

"A Master who cannot bow to a disciple cannot bow to Buddha."..(n).9-00
- Suzuki Roshi

Kathie already has the CD and Waalstraat has his coming in the mail (to honor some other superb achievements).

But this was only the trial round.

The next Q4A will be real run. In the meantime, check out
Hodgepodgeplot for some very nice questions to pound upon... :-)

I'll offer a choice of the Mahapirita CD and the Shango Overdrive CD.

More about the tradition of the chanting of the Mahapirita Suttas another time..


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1 Aug 2003 @ 16:03 by waalstraat : Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!
I'm a winner....Oh I'm Buddhish---maybe I should be humble...boy-oh-boy...I'm only a winner in essence not in words...  

10 Aug 2003 @ 02:43 by Ingrid von der Behrens @ : best teacher ...
I just read that ...
the best teacher to me is one who "teaches"
without being one ...  

10 Aug 2003 @ 09:12 by mx @ : I like that one very much :-)
yes, feels and sounds right :-)  

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