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picture9 Aug 2003 @ 14:49, by Max Sandor

Handed down by my grandfather, Janos Toth, known as former director and first violinist at the Gewandhausorchester in Leipzig, comes the 'Sandorian Scale', which can invoke a distinct 'Gipsy feel' with just a few notes played.

Essentially, it is...

an "F sharp minor" scale with a blue note and 2 'semi-blue' (teal) notes added. The semi-blues can slide all over the chromatic scale (in combination with the scale). This makes this a perfect scale for 'never-ending' tunes, spiralistic music so to speak. The melody can never end on F# ever again because F# is the setup for a 'teal'-note. I am pretty sure one can express the set of notes involved with some other existing fancy names. But it is interesting that these 'musicological' names never really express how the notes in such a set are really used. Perhaps an impossible quest..

My guitar-recording setup is a mess these days and it's faaarr too hot to fumble around with this today (105 F). When it's cooler, I'll do some recording one of these days... here is something I just found on my hard drive from a while ago..

Other than that the closest thing around is the Pink Panther Theme and even more so, but much less known Gabor Szabo's music. His way of playing inspired Carlos Santana who turned Szabo's song 'Gipsy Queen' into one of his very first smash hits.

These 'semi-blue' notes hang in the air , so to speak (listen to the last chord in the Pink Panther Theme above!), they don't require a resolution like a 'true-blue' note.

Anyway, so much from the grove for today - back into the pool! mx PS: the fretboard picture is a screenshot from Band-In-A-Boxwith the blue and teal dots added...

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10 Aug 2003 @ 06:41 by waalstraat : Boy-oh-Boy
How do you know so much about so many different and difficult things? I wish I was a geneus like you....Be careful if you jump into the may wash away....  

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