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picture12 Aug 2003 @ 23:43, by Max Sandor

And the rant goes on... this time on the predominant way of teaching in modern, 'Western' society.

Which is to look forward from the cause to the effect. Sounds reasonable at first, but...

it's quite dangerous since this one-way lends itself to indoctrination and ultimately manipulation... if that's what's wanted, alright, it works...

Another way of seeing things is to start at the phenomenal level and to look backwards towards the set of potential causes.

This procedure is much more suited to bring about an actual understanding of the relationship(s) involved.

Optimally, one would then do again a forward-looking for each of the items of the set found while looking backwards.

One arrives at a matrix of conditions that describe the context of the causal dependencies of the situation.

In short, such an approach does away with what may be the worst mental flaw of contemporary thinking, the 'one-cause-per-effect' thinking.

It's wishful thinking that this flaw could be eradicated. Our politicians would hate it and, then, people would switch off the TV news and throw their newspaper(s) in the trash can, maybe get a decent book out of the shelf to read..

oops, I'm getting carried away, here, oh well...

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14 Aug 2003 @ 07:32 by Ed @ : ah... very familiar!
Heh heh, Max and I and my 16 year old son Jeff were on Max's favorite freeway (the one he loves to hate and hates to love ;-0 ), the four-oh-five, and I was speaking to my son on this very subject. I was advising him to learn how to "think backwards", from effects toward causes.

The easiest way to do this at first is to use memory. Recall a recent time related to whatever subject being investigated, then one a little longer ago, then a little farther back, etc., always, always, ALWAYS working backward in time. Eventually one will find the first time something happened, or oneself encountered the subject, and it will become much clearer to one what its real source is.

Astrology and any other subject which use Platonian archetypes (not Jungian archetypes, which are personality types) are good training for this too, because one gets into the habit of seeing effects "cascading" from archetypal principles. This eventually leads to seeing in reverse, to deriving causes from their effects.


14 Aug 2003 @ 08:37 by mx @ : gotamo's backward/forward approach
I was just reading yesterday the section of the Pali Canon where it says that Gotamo asked his disciples to 'think through things backwards and then forward again, over and over..'. If you're interested, I'll retrieve the exact Pali wording.. would have included it if I had remembered it earlier..  

20 Jul 2004 @ 09:25 by Daruba @ : excellent!
i was just reading bits and pieces of LRH stuff on Being Cause, and this just stabs a knife through it completely...

Disparate Ideas.

Thanks for blowing away another potential trap!!!  

25 Mar 2007 @ 21:59 by thomas @ : gotano
Three years late but moving fast. Max, do you still have the reference to the parts of the Pali Canon containing your quoted piece? I'm using the variant and at the moment not able to parse Pali.  

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