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 The Governator is coming soon to a parliament near you!2 comments
picture21 Aug 2003 @ 12:24, by Max Sandor

Now it's official: yesterday in LA, - where else?, Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked off his campaign to replace Gray Davis as the governor of California.

This is provided the Total Recall of the latter will be successful...

No tax cuts, no cuts in education, no cuts of anything.. that's a program we like, hey!

What was interesting that at his introduction speech yesterday, there seemed to more foreign press than press from California.

Perhaps the new Californian budget will be discussed now in a Wirtshaus (pub) in Austria rather than in the Golden State?

Would makes sense to me, given the dismal record of the political golddiggers from the banks of Sacramento.

Kewl, no doubt!

Next thing will be to change the official language to German. Not to uphold the Urban Legend that German nearly became America's official language. But it would create some interesting effects.

And, don't worry, Spanish would still be allowed. After all, Arnold's most famous words were uttered in this noble language!

Hasta la vista, Max

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21 Aug 2003 @ 13:11 by martha : Terminator
I have a hard time voting for someone who has made his reputation as the Terminator, promoting violence and making a fortune at it. It's all such BS. He thinks that if he can present a panal of experts to help him in his campaign that this will somehow show his abilities at being a good governor. yuck  

23 Aug 2003 @ 14:49 by Heidi @ : I agree Martha
Although he did show us another side in Junior and Kindergarten Cop, not to mention Twins.. Well, I believe politics is as much a show of smoke and mirrors as movies is, both being a lot of BS, so maybe he's in the right arena.  

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