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picture22 Aug 2003 @ 07:15, by Max Sandor

It was rather quiet on the BLOG recently - I was busy with many things, including virus stuff of all kinds, and... seeing TV on the net..

This happened rather by accident. I was looking around for (yet) another satellite dish to lurk for the skies in between the Grovian trees but there doesn't seem to be a simple solution out there if you want to have feeds from more than one country. Ming in Europe should be more lucky in that respect.

Anyway, I discovered that the options to see TV over the net have dramatically improved since the last time I checked.

Here is an overview of my favorites and their pro and cons..

First of a general observation: the *fast* connections (more than 100kBits/sec) like the Italian RAI-News24, and the German ZDF, although the picture quality is nice, are not feeding consistently, regardless of the connection speed (and I have a T-3 at work!!).

Fortunately, the *sound* issue of the past years is fixed. That means, the sound comes always through on all stations I watched for a while (a few drop-outs at the higher-speed stations).

Less is more, it seems, at least for now.

Consequently my current top-favorite is the Brazilian


This is a 108kBits/sec feed with nearly no dropouts, limited but uninterrupted picture quality, AND a chat-room where you can enter into a dialogue with the moderators of the real-time shows. Absolutely cool, especially when the moderator says 'Hello' to you over the TV :-) Super-Legal, as one would say in Brazil.

Next, the


which suffers from outages despite or because of the 300k feed. It brings regular German programming to the expats.

Next in my line-up is the Italian

RAI News 24

a self-declared 800K connection with a 500K feed, it has excellent picture and sound quality with major dropouts in the pictures and a few in the sound. Interesting programming..


I Tele France

with a good,medium-speed delivery but not as exciting programming.

If you know of other good stations, send me your own favorites :-)

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22 Aug 2003 @ 18:24 by jmarc : deejay tv
Hailing from italy, {link:mms://|Deejay TV} is fun. I've seen it running as high as 300kbs and 12 frames per second. A little slower right now though. I watch zdf too, but dont speak german. Picture quality is usually excellent though.  

22 Aug 2003 @ 21:24 by mx @ : deejay
yes, deejay tv is a good quality.. programming is mostly MTV though.. have that on the normal box if I wanted to ;-)
thanks for the hint!  

23 Aug 2003 @ 17:33 by ming : TV
Funny, I was just researching satellite TV today, before I read this. In part because there's a little parabola on the top of this house, and I didn't know what we might do with it, or how. I'd be particularly interested in how to get Danish TV here. It is possible, but it seems to require a bigger (1-1.5m) disk, a digital decoder, and a paid subscription. Anyway, right now it is very useful that all we can see on TV is five French channels, as that will help the kids learn French. I've announced that we won't think of getting anything else, like MTV, before they speak French.

From L.A. I found it very useful to be able to get French TV news over the net. I don't have URLs, because I found them in the RealOne player. Previously I've found {link:|Danish TV News} fun to watch, to get a sense of what is cooking in my home country.  

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