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picture2 Sep 2003 @ 22:31, by Max Sandor

Now we are doing the first real contest (not a trial run, hehe).

The answer is not a phrase but a sketch made after a group session Sept 18th 2001 in Hollywood by Steve Owen.

What was the question?

(there is no right or wrong question/answer for this one since nobody remembers what moment Steve had in mind when he made the sketch the day after.)

First price one of the following CDs:

- Shango Overdrive

- Mahapirita

- Super CD-ROM of Angkor Wat & Borobodur Pictures * Logs of JD Flora (contains complete texts!!) Purple Notebook!!

- Narrativissimo (Audio CD prerelease) - essays by Max narrated by 3 different speakers in various languages)

Additional points can be collected by finding out what is not quite right with the sketch. Hint, hint: Look at the article(s) about Aum-Pa, the didgeridoo, on my site.

Altogether, there are 2 things not 'correct' in this picture.

PLEASE don't publish the answers for additional points as comments!!! Send them to instead!!

Have fun and good luck!!!

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