The Sandorian Grove: Sideshow: Juan Pueblo and the Sherman Way Shamans    
 Sideshow: Juan Pueblo and the Sherman Way Shamans7 comments
picture7 Sep 2003 @ 10:20, by Max Sandor

Saturday Nite in the Valley, what can you do?

Close to the ancient palace of the Ming clan an Aztek food restaurant opened and the local shamans gathered for a sideshow around sculptor, Aztekian music instrument restaurator, and seasoned shaman Don Juan Pueblo: (from left) Dona Clara, Don Juan Pueblo, Miguel, Max, Aaron, and Carlos (behind Aaron).

The (Mexican) gourd is a gift from Don Juan's collection. Here is a sample I just recorded.

Yesterday evening, though, the subtle bass line I was playing with this gourd competed with..

the trucks roaring down Sherman Way Boulevard.

The official name of the Aztek restaurant is Pico Pica Rico, don't try saying this while eating one of their houcha-houcha (Aztekian enchilada).

The main show was a traditional Aztek ritual, more about in another BLOG entry.

And, in case it escaped your attention, today is the day Acatl- Cuetzpalin-Mazatl according to the Aztec calendar!

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8 Sep 2003 @ 11:42 by Bruce Kodish @ : Aztec Sound
Love the sound of the swingin' shamans


8 Sep 2003 @ 20:08 by Ed @ : "swingin' shamans"????
Looks like the band in the bar scene in Star Wars! ;-)

Just kidding.

I took the photo above.

9 Sep 2003 @ 09:23 by vaxen : Quite a group...
Was this all before or after you ate? I'd be hard plussed to blow a gourd, like you are, max, after a full meal at an Aztecan restaurant! Looks like great trancing.

The link you posted to the aztec calendar did'nt work, for me, so I am taking the liberty of posting another link that works here:


Thanks Don Max. ;)  

9 Sep 2003 @ 13:52 by Mauricio @ : I want more !!!
It would like to hear more of this sounds. :-)  

10 Sep 2003 @ 00:17 by mx @ : Mauricio, here is a video clip
it was made from within the audience. still, should give an impression... :-)
Will upload a clip from the Aztek ritual tomorrow..
boa noite!

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