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picture26 Sep 2003 @ 12:41, by Max Sandor

Some interesting evolutions I saw today on some Italian BLOGs. Starting at my friend Jussi's BLOG William Nessuno, I looked and listened (!) to the RadioBLOG experiment 'The 5 Senses' in which Jussi contributed the 'Vista' (visual) part.

Looking further...

the icononic drawings were done by Six and on that site you'll find drawings instead of long articles (interesting and enjoyable even if you don't understand Italian).

Where would that be leading?

Will be all have our own daily-life TV show on the web?

Have a lens&mike button in the tie-knot so that everybody can witness what one lives through during the day?

Sounds like Big Brother, of course, but it could be a great tool for people to jump out of their box.

If one considers that one's own 'normal' experience is typically limited to a few yards of circumference at most, it is education, even liberating, to witness different worlds.

I make this sometimes a game, trying to hear the carradio of the car next to me in line or on the freeway, seeing the road from his/her eyes. Really, everyone sees, feels, hears, tastes, and smells something completely different. Even if they are just feets apart.

Which leads us back to the RadioBLOG. An experiment where 5 people contributed each a description of one 'sensory perception'.

Cool stuff!

PS: and, yes, I know, ok, ok, there is now a thing starting up called Audio blogger. Only 12 messages per month, 2 minutes each.. Not enough for full coverage methinks.. BUT who listens more than 2 minutes anyway??

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27 Sep 2003 @ 06:31 by Will @ : Too much noise
It is interesting to point out that the experimen we lead on on Rai Radio3 had a tail of polemics: a lot of bloggers (only on splinder they are 20.000 now, in Italy) felt disappointed because at the Radio they did not read ALL the contributions from the net (they only choose one contribution outside the 5 invited writers, of course because of the time running...). Now the question is: can we SURVIVE without having those 5 minutes of celebrity? To have it will be quite impossible as 20.000 voices are more a kind of white noise (see Baudrillard's theories) than an occasion fro the "writers" to be famous...
ciao, Will  

27 Sep 2003 @ 08:53 by mx @ : selective noise
thanks for the feedback about the feedback, Will :-)

perhaps it should be done that people can select their contributions from a menu to have their very own private show.

I remember there are some movies (mostly promises) with alternative courses of actions and one can select the scenario one likes most..


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