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picture26 Sep 2003 @ 13:58, by Max Sandor

Before Nostradamus, before Dante Alighieri even, there was Joachim.

Joachim de Floris, to be precise.

The man who predicted the coming of the New Age, the arising of the 'vir spiritualis', the arrival of the Ubermensch.

Prophet, agitator, trinity-expert, hate monger, super Christian, pope-consultant, Italian Robin Hood,...

holier-than-though abbot, who was fasting in solitude months on a lonesome mountain, the man who inspired an unknown number of secret societies (supposedly, because, if they were all secret, how would one know they existed in the first place??).

Anyway, someone said it's his birthday coming up and since we're celebrating b'days like crazy these days, I thought I should read a bit in his works (a generous gift from Jussi quite some years ago.)

But then, he is so terribly politically incorrect, if at all, I should do it silently perhaps. After, all his traces range from the inspiration of the 'Third Reich' concept to the witch-hunts and progroms at large. Fortunately, candles don't make much noise.

In any case, Joachim seemed to have slightly miscalculated some timeframes, or perhaps not. Did the New Age of enlightenment start at 1260 (and kicked off with the Renaissance?) or is it starting finally with the Age of Aquarius, sometime between 2012 (Mayan) and 2018 (Astrologers)?

Well, while listening to the candle, I'll read on for a while while waiting all the while for the vir spiritualis to show up...

Perhaps the vir spiritualis was already here and left again?

Could have been ALF (get his bundy here} !!!

Or was it perhaps ELVIS, after all !!????!!

Two significant choices! (did anyone other than me ever noticed that Elvis is the superlative to Alf, grammatically speaking?)

"Mirum istud, sed alterum mirabilius." Joachim says in his ingenious "Enchiridion Super Apocalypsum". Loosely translated that means: "this would indeed be truly amazing, but the other alternative is even way much cooler!"

Which proves the point right there!

YES, YES, It must be ELVIS, yes! Elvis is everywhere :-)

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6 Oct 2003 @ 18:48 by Charles S @ : typo
Thought I'd let you know, your Joachim page has "progrom" instead of "pogrom".
I found out when I realised I didn't really know what it meant so cleared it up in my Encarta.
Charles S
Wagga Wagga
NSW Australia
Co-author Self Clearing Diary  

7 Oct 2003 @ 06:53 by mx @ : thnx

Merriam-Webster ( sez:

Entry: po·grom
Pronunciation: 'pO-gr&m, 'pä-; pO-'gräm, p&-
Function: noun
Etymology: Yiddish, from Russian, literally, devastation
Date: 1903
: an organized massacre of helpless people; specifically : such a massacre of Jews

thnx for pointing it out, charles.  

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