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picture3 Oct 2003 @ 14:21, by Max Sandor

Arnold apologized for what he said about women today, so he is back on track to becoming a real Governator. Or??

So, what did he actually say about women? I could simply make it the monthly "Question for the Answer (Q4A)" Contest question and I would find out.

But worse things were in store for me: I was in a good mood when I hit the Westwood In'n'Out today for my weekly dose of fastfood (that stuff is addictive!). A surprise was waiting for me in the form of Jimmie R. and Pete F. (names suppressed to protect the innocents). It left me so dumbfounded that I wouldn't be able to replicate here for all of you if it weren't for the Sony MD recorder I had in my pocket and (thanks heaven!) that I actually hit the button.

Here is the transcription of an immensely profound and meaningful conversation between 3 old (did I say old?) friends. Out-of-state people please excuse the slight californican slang: ...

...Me: "You guys!" Jimmie: "Hey. The man." Pete: "What's up, dude?"

Me: "Nothing much, man. It's like, I mean, it's like OK, you know. What about you guys, I mean, what's cooking?" Jimmie: "Hanging in there, bro, you know. I'mean, it's kind of, except, that, is, you know..."

In'n'Out Loudspeaker: "Number 50, your order is ready, number 50, please."

Pete (VERY!! angry): "That's all bull, I mean, it's kind of, I mean it's like that he said that they said that I said that you said that he said..."

In'n'Out Loudspeaker (even louder): "Number 50. Number 50, please! Your order is ready! Number 50."

I said (perplexed): "If you really said that he said that they said that he said that you said, then you're full of..."

In'n'Out Loudspeaker (louder than ever): "Number 50, 51, 55, 58. Your order is ready! Number 50, 51, 55, and 58. Number 50. Number 50."

So Jimmie said: "No, non, I mean, it's like, I mean, he said that you said that he said that I would have said that he said that...

In'n'Out Loudspeaker (louder than ever): "Number 50, 60, 61, 64. Your order is ready! Number 50. Number 50. Pleeeease!"

[tape stopped here for some reason.. end of transcript]

All I remember is that Pete threw his remaining Giant-Gulp-Coke-Cup into Jimmie's face, who in turn threatened to strangle me with his ketchupped fingers, and I escaped barely to another table where I made the attached photo and hastily finished the fine fastfood.

That's all I remember, except, ah, except for this spiritually incorrect ad slogan: "the more things change, the more we stay the same."

Can you help me and tell us WHO SAID WHAT TO WHOM??? (or does it matter what was actually said?)


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3 Oct 2003 @ 15:24 by waalstraat : The FLASH knows
#50 stayed,and stayed, so things were changing so fast who could make them out but the FLASH....  

7 Oct 2003 @ 08:03 by Ed @ : spotting the source
What drugs were they using? To me that sounds like a (non)conversation between two amphetamine reptiles.

The above assumption of drug consumption removes the mystery, notice? Once the condition of the two is spotted, it no longer matters "who said what to whom", see? ;-)

7 Oct 2003 @ 09:03 by spiritseek : He really shouldn't of said that...
not in public anyways!  

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