The Sandorian Grove: Arnold for President! We want a Presidator ! Jawoll Ja!    
 Arnold for President! We want a Presidator ! Jawoll Ja!14 comments
picture8 Oct 2003 @ 13:35, by Max Sandor

Arnold did it.


Remember Reagan???

Why beat around the Bush...

just recall 'em and make Arnold the new Presidator!

Jawoll Ja!

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8 Oct 2003 @ 14:03 by jmarc : We! Must!
Change! The! !Constitution !first. I hope he picks danny devito to be his running mate. That would be so cool.  

8 Oct 2003 @ 14:37 by scotty : I luv Danny Devito !
"Today, the L.A. Times accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of groping six women. I'm telling ya, this guy is presidential material." ¬óDavid Letterman
taken from {}  

8 Oct 2003 @ 22:58 by mx @ : constitution??
just make Austria the 51st State, and that's it..
besides, there are so many unconstitutional things being done these days.. who cares about a little extra.. just has to be approved by the Superior Court(s).., hehe, it's as easy as that..  

9 Oct 2003 @ 01:27 by waalstraat : vhy are Ve Racing???
Ven Arnold says "Ve is da Master Race"
Ve Heil
Ve Heil
Right in his Steel Teeth Face...  

9 Oct 2003 @ 04:41 by spiritseek : ah another puppet...
being played by the puppet masters! Does he even know what a republican is?  

9 Oct 2003 @ 06:10 by shawa : Conan at the Wheel
Makes sense. Duh. Besides, maybe he IS a nice person.  

9 Oct 2003 @ 08:06 by waalstraat : Sure Shawa...
Sure Shawa someone who admires Hitler and Gropes strangers breast must be a nice guy...I wonder if Franco was a nice guy...Lots of Spanish people loved him...  

9 Oct 2003 @ 09:17 by Ingrid @ : Arnold, jawoll ja .....
Jawoll nein!!! What a feedback. He just wants to play a little bit politics, whether he knows what that is or not!! Reminds me of our chanceler (Germany), what was his name ??? His mother said in an interview (before his election): He gets what he wants. And so he will become chanceler. Now he often is "threatening" that he would leave his post if they don't do what he wants.
Nice threatening ...  

5 Nov 2003 @ 11:05 by mre @ : latest as of Nov 5 2003
"I will clean house" Arnie has scheduled his first fund raising bash at 21,200 dollars per (if you want the photo op as well as the dinner) - open to all - Dec 3, Sacramento - mark your calendars.  

5 Nov 2003 @ 14:05 by mx @ : too bad I'm in Europe that day..
will sorely miss this grandios event.. oh well..  

31 Mar 2004 @ 13:25 by darius @ : max show me the money
show me the money, cash please now... i need it right now... tomorrow is also ok.... as you know tomorrow we are going to have seks with the church so send us Ogeba ,,, we need all what you have bitch... i love you so much....  

25 Jun 2004 @ 03:39 by DVD @ : He was not born in the US
So he won't be the president :))  

7 Jul 2004 @ 05:16 by mina @ : n
please pic me
tanks see you  

30 Aug 2007 @ 13:14 by Dan @ : Arnold can never be trusted.
Arnold cannot be trusted. He grew up in an age of bitterness in Austria (and hidden Nazi loyalties). His father was a Nazi. OF COURSE Arnold is a Nazi. There are several first hand accounts of Arnold dressing up as a Nazi soldier, marching around his apartment giving the Nazi salute, while playing records of Hilter screaming. These accounts are from his friends and they are in print, but you have to look to find them. It takes some work. Do not EVER trust this TOTAL CREEP.  

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