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picture13 Oct 2003 @ 14:12, by Max Sandor

Ipiranga, the place where independence was declared for Brazil, or so they say, is a magical place; one of the top postcard motifs for tourists and locals alike.

At the entrance of palace and park are huge signs: ├Ćndependence ou Morte" - no tranlation needed !??

Don't know what they did with this park from 1964 to 1985, or so...

The dictators of this world always celebrate independence and "freedom" in the face of those who they suppress.

Not much time to reflect about this for me... have a full program...

(I wrote several paragraphs here but they vanished during the upload, oh well).

Will have to add pictures later. The glorious 40MegaBytes download of NikonView (just to squeeze the pictures out of my Coolpix) doesn't manage to download the pictures from the camera, instead it clutters the laptop diskspace with some nearly unusable programs whose designers deserve the 'Golden Lemon'for stupid user interfaces... (I still love my Nikon Coolpix, tho).

Lots of dire thoughts here, I guess it's too compensate for all the alegria I have here otherwise, hehe...

Am late for the next appointment(s)... will have to run..

Photo from the Museu do Ipiranga site.

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15 Oct 2003 @ 04:10 by jmarc : We say live free or die here
but i'm afraid that has lost all meaning. i think we're already in the hands of the mortician. Well, most of us. Not me.never me, lol. Always the other guy.  

22 Oct 2003 @ 18:27 by Edward @ : independence or death
The problem with setting any two things in opposition, is that sooner or later, the alternative one does NOT want will replace the one one DOES want. This will occur cyclically over time, with one item dominating for a while, then the second dominating, then back to the first item.

Solution? Dunno...


Maybe place two positives in opposition, both of which are the same thing?

Our new test motto:

"Independence or freedom!"


10 Jul 2006 @ 17:25 by biba @ : alooo
selam─▒n aleykum  

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