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 From the other Rio de Janeiro: Meeting Adao Daxalebarada1 comment
picture30 Oct 2003 @ 07:14, by Max Sandor

For about everyone Rio de Janeiro consists of Copacabana and/or Ipanema. This includes most locals, even though they are well aware that only a small part of Rio's 15+ million inhabitants are living there.

Heading East towards Jacarepagua, we see a street sign pointing to Cidade de Deus, an artificial suburban 'slum' (favela) which nobody would ever come to know without the movie with...

the same name.

Here, 'slums' and expensive houses are side by side, the 'slums', located at the hillside, having by far the better views.

We are visiting Adão Dãxalebaradã, musician, ex drug-dealer, hit by 14 bullets that left him paraplegic, who, with the help of Walter Salles, the director of 'Central Station' and Danielle Thomas, published his first CD this year.

"Escolástica" is the title and some of it's contents are politically quite incorrect. Great music, if you understand the text or not, worldclass in performance and mixing.

We talk for nearly 2 hours about God, the world, and life on the edge.

Thanks to support from Walter Salles, Adão is recovering from health problems in a home for people of the '3rd age', that's the name for old folks like us, mind you, but he can't wait until he gets out and plays his music again for everybody to hear.

Good luck, Adão, you'll have our support :-) !!!!

PS: we forgot the camera for a nice shot, so I had to take a photo from a website (in portuguese) about him.

His CD is listed at an Austrian site for new releases but I still don't know how to promote it here in the US - yes! I'm back ;-)

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1 comment

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