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picture5 Nov 2003 @ 15:28, by Max Sandor

Last Sunday in LA I visited the Buckminster Fuller Conference.

It was in the School of Architecture, downtown LA, amongst students who looked like ganguro girls imported straight from Japan, hippies, old folks, and lots of normal people too (was that list insulting??).

Very good stuff happening there, from a global perspective and from a personal experience. Wouldn't go as far as Joshua (the president of BFI - the Buckminster Fuller Institute), who called it 'like being home', but..

on a certain level it was.

One concept was emphasized by several speakers and that's what I carried home in mind and heart and what I want to relay here on the BLOG:

Bucky saw it as terribly difficult to change the people to take care of their world. BUT, as a designer, and WE ARE ALL DESIGNERS of our world (see the writing on the wall -on the attached picture if you can read it), it is us who can design conditions and tools in a way as to minimize the impact of our lifestyle on the environment.

This view is of utmost importance, whether it is about pollution of the air and soil through chemicals or if it is about the pollution of our hearts and minds through hatred and ever-repeating revenge in word and deeds!

I am tired of people argueing and throwing insults around but then go on to state that they don't know a solution themselves, and WORSE: 'that's not my task' to find such a solution or to contribute to it. Such examples abound, most recently even on islands of rational thoughts as witnessed in the various comments to Ming's recent controversial article about the Mideast problem.

Complaining about problems instead of working on finding solutions is aggravating the problem itself.

Again, as to Bucky, if we can't change the people we must find a way to (re-)engineer the environment in a way that both environment and people adopt to it in a positive way.

Whether pollution or war, proper design is the solution to the problems in the world, said Bucky, and I concur.

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6 Nov 2003 @ 04:41 by waalstraat : Well Max...
I was one of the leading commentators in the comment section in Mings Log. My purpose was to bring a diaglogue about a very serious world problem back to a sane level. That can't be done with propaganda, or by feeding untrue statement of facts to the public; or with unbalanced reporting. It is my position, even in an opinion log or essay...there should be some attempt to be fair and present only substantiated facts to support one's opinions; especially when the opposite could cause grave harm to a state or a group of people be they Palestinians or Israelis or whether the writer is a libra or a tauraus. All of us designers should meet that criteria even in our news logs since they are posted to the public and affect our world.
I am sure from reading you comments above you agree with those premises. I am glad to see there are others who agree with my view of responsability for being a co-creator (designer) of the world. It feels very good to be affirmed
Love to hear your clear voice--again, hope my name sake is blaring out well...and cleaning the world.
Blessing Aum-pa  

19 Nov 2003 @ 14:34 by Bruce Kodish @ : Fuller's Epitaph
Almost 88 years old, Bucky Fuller died in 1983 of a massive heart attack while visiting his critically ill wife Anne in hospital. She died 36 hours later. According to Lloyd Sieden in his biography of Fuller their remains were buried side-by-side under a double tombstone which reads: CALL ME TRIMTAB. (Buckminster Fuller's Universe, p. 417)  

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