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picture21 Apr 2004 @ 11:47, by Max Sandor

While walking thru drizzle and mist, I contemplate the various peakstates of my dreary existence, comparing them to the impressive list made by the Institute for the Study of Peak States. Is that happiness, or what?..

one thing that I don't quite understand is what you do when you can have all these peak states...
What's left to do then???
Edmund Meadows gives a brillant summary of states as well in his page on M01. Tables of Emotion for Body, Mind and Spirit.

There he notes:
"Total Personal Disconnection from all minds. (One can always reconnect later on one's own terms.)"

But just what are "one's own terms"??

Whose terms, if no Ego is left????

Well, perhaps I wander another mile in the mists of Avalon...

Perhaps I need to get lost in the Tor's maze (see pic) before knowing that little last piece, hmm???

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21 Apr 2004 @ 12:48 by skookum : I posted my poem
the other day about the Mists of Avalon.... as your newlog reminded me of that. You have such interesting stuff here!  

22 Apr 2004 @ 12:21 by mx @ : your poem..
post it again here..
I didn't see it.

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