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picture23 Apr 2004 @ 06:29, by Max Sandor

Today, right in time it seems, the definition of Nephelokokkygia reached me via Merriam-Webster's super-excellent Word-of-the-Day e-mail.

Nephelokokkygia means literally 'Cloud-Cuckoo-Land'. It is a fictious land between heaven and earth. Someone (a human) had the great idea to intercept all the sacrifices made to the gods and to coax them into cooperation by starving them. Splendid idea, except it didn't work out that well in the end..

more details here:

and, at the Encyc.Britannica is some more info about Aristophanes. He was a classic comedian and a master of the pun.. quite of the class of super-pun(k)ster Ed... hehehe

Anyway, for those who care to know, the intersection between Heaven and Earth is not where I am at in Avalon; that's more the intersection between Earth and the Underworld, supposedly... all the rest is the same, oh well....

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23 Apr 2004 @ 07:34 by skookum : I am looking at that picture
Boy are they UUUUUUUUUUGLY lol. Cloud Cuckoo land eh? Welll that pretty much describes my household lol. It looks like they are cutting up someone...ew.  

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