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picture24 Apr 2004 @ 09:09, by Max Sandor

Merlin's archetypal forces are still roaming this world, even though some say he would be staying at his glass castle underneath the 'Tor' in Glastonbury/Somerset (see picture).

See a summary at GeZi's BLOG.

Is he the true Avatar? You answer this for yourself,hehe.. I for myself..

..I'm not necessarily claiming to reincarnate King Arthur even though the comparison is quite flattering, I have to say..

I feel more like an odd bard these days, a troubador... Like the bard in Asterix and Obelix, however, I would get beaten up if I tried to sing a song in public...

(btw, any hint to a link to a Blog in Occitan would be appreciated!)

Besides, my Guinevere (or however you would spell her name), is dwelling in Brazil, wondering what the hell I am doing at my own (King Arthur's) burial place...

I am used to witness my own burials, of course, but that's another story... mx

PS: gz, did my memorial plaque get ever saved? it's a relique now after all ;-)

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24 Apr 2004 @ 19:51 by nemue : ???
As the reincarnate of the Lady of the Lake I don't remember you dear soul..enough a Bard you may like to visit here..

Blesings Nemue  

28 Apr 2004 @ 01:31 by Ge Zi @ : memorial plaque??
I don't know about no stinking plaque! who would use objects to stand in for a person anyways - not good for either side - the object and the subject ;-)
Christians are pretty good at that and see where it got them ... gz  

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