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picture19 Jul 2004 @ 16:14, by Max Sandor

Emperor Ming wrote about dead Weblogs.

I guess, this one qualifies for this in the moment, oh well. Or, better: bad, bad, bad..

I promise betterment!

For most people, according to Ming's blog entry, it seems they don't write when they're at home. More when they travel.

For me, it's the opposite. I just don't find the time to write. And, I was traveling all the time since last November.
Missing out on all the cool action in LA, like at the post-Skywork parties!

Now that I settled down in Nizza for the rest of the summer, I find some time finally for this :-)

Nizza, or Nissa, is Nice in France.

And nice it is! It feels a bit like the Copacabana in Rio here. Except everything here is about 5-10 times more expensive.

I'm sitting here in La Queenie, a bar & restaurant with free! WiFi access, live music, and everything. Unfortunately it closes between 2 or 3 in the morning.

For the past weeks I was working on some other kind of 'Logs' - not Weblogs, no: the 'Logs of JD Flora'!!!

Hard, hard work, you know me all how hard I work, surely!

It will be, guess what,...

appearing in 4 volumes, normal book format, 1000 pages...

hope to have some books ready by the of summer...

ironically, practically all of it is reading... just wading through nearly 2000 pages requires quite a confront... and lots of coffee, French coffee, of course...

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19 Jul 2004 @ 20:37 by ming : Nice in Nice
Well, that's great news. Hope I can manage to come by while you're there then.  

19 Jul 2004 @ 21:52 by skookum : I wouldn't worry
you post when you can... ya gotta sing when the feeling says sing  

20 Jul 2004 @ 15:01 by Daruba @ : JD Flora logs
I never got around to reading them yet, been on read four or five of the purple book..

Ed sent me my Life Reading. I'm Ogunda Ogunda and Ogunda Ogunda. WOW, that's an eff of a lot of OGUNDA!


29 Jul 2004 @ 22:40 by vaxen : I've found...
J.D's logs in the strangest of places yet least of all at the following URL:

Nice is're right there.  

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