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picture13 Aug 2004 @ 14:08, by Max Sandor

The following are notes to safe myself time and telephone expenses. If they don't make sense to you, just ignore them.

- There are no descriptions or classifications of these 'peakstates' yet to my knowledge. The closest is Dona Bilangi's 'Unity Key' as described by Ed Dawson. Unfortunately, this process could generally not be duplicated. Back then, I have found the same result at about the same time independently of Dona but I was using an early version of Girapoli through pure chance.

- other than that, until now, the Girapoli states have only been observed in SkyWork (constellations) but it was not possible (yet) to *deliberatly* induce these states using constellations

- Girapoli Uno was done successfully in Italy and Slovenia. We will do a 'field trial' in Nice/France (with a group) next week to see how easy it is to teach Girapoli 2 through 4.

- these peakstates last from 3 days to 2 weeks but they can be reestablished at will afterwards.

- the emerging energy can be SHARED with others

- typically, there is a dizziness or lack of orientation during the first part. It is essential to bear through this temporary discomfort in order to reach the end result of the process

- it is certainly a good idea to do some physical rotation (the Tibetan Exercis Number One) to desensitize the body a bit. This exercise is done frequently in a non-optimal way (too fast and doing the ballerina-switch with the head, for example). When it is slowed down to a specific point (hard to describe in words), this exercise enables the *natural* polarities of the body (lower tetrahedron) in a physical way and with incredible benefits

- the rotations have little to do with the 'Flower of Life' Merkabah exercises which use rotational speeds that are so high that they would merge the polarity instantly instead of a positive recharge.

- attached is a drawing of a Girapoli Quattro formation. This is an *EXAMPLE* and not intended to be used as a template

- the drawing shows a MALE configuration (rotate 180 degrees for a female one). Note, that Otura is BEHIND, in the back of the person, Ogbe is in front

- the upper part is very positive in general, bringing down Ela (Ifa) and Ori. The lower part can be quite dangerous, especially in the combinations with the top part (watch Otura!!).

- the tetrahedra are drawn apart for better visibility. To see how the poles are located in thespace around a human body, look at Leonardo da Vinci's drawing (for example on the cover sleeve of Dan Brown's book 'The Da Vinci Code'. (in the German version inexplicably called 'Das Sakrileg').

- when designing a Quattro, it may help to consider the balance of archetypal forces on the body.

- a brief analyis of the attached configuration which I baptized "Stranizza": If we assume the Ori (Higher Self) occupying the top and the shadow Eshu the bottom point, we can place 6 archetypal forces. They are from the 6 Orisha Complexes, in random sequence, Shango (here at the Otura edge from behind), Oshun (right lower side looking back from the outside (mirror!), she often likes that position), Ogum at the lower left (a good position in any case), Obatala in front (can swap places with Shango when too strong in a specific situation), Yemanja right bottom, Oya on top. (should be held on the right side in order to prevent her to use Ofun in a destructive way, hehe).

- also note, that different archetypes are using the same energies DIFFERENTLY. This should be Ifa-101 but is still the most common error observed out there...

- for example, Ogum will use the right-side Odi-Irete combination to push trough any physical hardship with great ease, like a weightlifter who likes his sport - Yemanja on the right lower area should be watched that she doesn't abuse it (as in being a control freak), the same is true of the other ladies in the club, Oshun (Oshe-di is the Odu of promiscuos betrayal), Oya! get in a spin when she sees that Odu - Eshu (like Ori on top a super-archetype) can use Odi-Irete to rise from the bottom out of virtual nothing (the phoenix from the ashes energy), for Obatala Odi-Irete is the sense of freedom on top of the mountain (a peak state all in itself for which people go through incredible hardships), etc etc it would fill a book to describe just that part of the example in more detail

- finally, before using a Girapoli in life', especially a 'Quattro', one should be familiar with the most common negative effects of Olodu combinations and one should 'watch' these areas in one's space before driving a car, etc... Make a list of all relations first (how many on a double tetra??...

- possible tetras: there are only 128 combinations in Girapoli Uno because there is no inside/outside. Obviously, Girapoli Due then has 16,384 combinations, Girapoli Tre 2,097,152, and Quattro has 268,435,456. Should keep you busy for some lifetimes...

here are the steps:...

Girapoli Uno (Poles 3 and 4):

Purpose: POSITIVE charging of a polarity

Prerequisites (current state):
- Prime Polarity neutralization (eg PEAT)
- knowledge ('taste') of the Olodu involved (including their natural oppositions in case they overpolarize)
- determination of the optimal polarity to start with (usual the Odu Im'Ori)
- neutralization of this polarity if it is charged
- ability to successfully do the Gunas process


1. SLOW Reverse Gunas on the basic polarity until the poles show a tendency to rotate
(Ofun and Irete in the drawing)
2. Keep the poles from rotating too fast to prevent their premature merging
3. Bear through the dizziness that may be resulting from this step
4. Continue until the energy appears, filling the space, from the feet upwards, like filling a bottle with water
5. Wait until the energy has filled the space one yard over the head and RETURNED halfway down to the area of the heart shakra

Girapoli Due (Poles 3 and 4 plus Poles 1 and 2):

1. determine the SECOND polarity (Iwori and Otura in the drawing)
1. Do Girapoli Uno on the new polarity (wait a few days after that)
2. reestablish the FIRST
3. do Girapoli on the SECOND

Girapoli Tre and Quattro:

just add the other polarities...

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13 Aug 2004 @ 23:50 by bkodish : Hi Max
This sounds very cool. Even though I don't know what you're talking about. 8-> But I don't have to.  

19 Aug 2004 @ 15:12 by Ed Dawson @ : yikes
I know what he is talking about, but am wondering why the tetras are arranged the way they are...

22 Aug 2004 @ 19:47 by Celio @ : Girapoli Experiment
I agree with Ed.. how was the criteria on the chosen odus???  

28 Oct 2004 @ 09:37 by al @ : Girapoli for animals and plants
Hi mx
Are there some similarity of Girapoli for animals and plants?

28 Oct 2004 @ 11:01 by mx @ : plant girapoli & resonance
every living Being has a star tetrahedron (merkabah) and theoretical girapoli can be done.

and, yes, resonance on a higher level doesn't need exchange..

9 Nov 2004 @ 07:36 by al @ : Some terms
Hi mx
We have almost final variant of translation, there are questions.

1) What is "Girapoli", how it has emerged?

There are not definitiones for terms
2) "Ela" and "Ori" for a phrase:
- the upper part is very positive in general, bringing down Ela (Ifa) and Ori.
3) "Im'Ori" for a phrase:
- determination of the optimal polarity to start with (usual the Odu Im'Ori).

10 Nov 2004 @ 09:07 by al @ : cell as organism (Girapoly)
Hi mx
It would be interesting to look such aspect.
The bacterium is the monocelled self-certain essence.
The cell of a human body is not-self-certain monocelled essence,
They have two different Girapoli.
Whether the person can really become the not-self-certain cell of an organism if the police state ( as civilization) has the goal to become an organism.
Ant, bee....

19 Nov 2004 @ 23:16 by max @ : answers to Al
Al asked (for the Russian translation):

>We have almost final variant of translation, there are questions.
>1) What is "Girapoli", how it has emerged?

long story. I observed it some years ago without realizing what was happening. Then it happened to people in Italy and we made a name for it: Girapoli means 'rotating poles' in Italian.

>there are not definitiones for terms
>2) "Ela" and "Ori" for a phrase:
they can't be explained simply, sorry.. let's say, Ori is the force of the Higher Self, and Ela the force behind Ifa/Orunmila, the only witness of creation.

3) "Im'Ori"
The path (polarity) that a Higher Self has selected for a lifetime.

hope this helps, although it's little..
best of luck with the translation!

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