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picture14 Aug 2004 @ 14:48, by Max Sandor

here is a demo I made showing the orientation for male/female orientations.

Was using POVRAY for the frst time in some years. Absolutely great stuff!

For some people POV means 'point of view'. Ihave heard also 'Power of Vision' from an opticion... BUT for the real geek it means "Persistence of Vision" and is a Raytracer, of course...

we got some AutoCAD drawings from Oscar in Milan for archetypal pathways through the Odu-Scape but haven't found a clean way yet to make images for the web...

also, I will soon post a few new chapters I wrote for a new book 'Beyond (truths and lies)'. Stay tuned..

in any case, don't know if I'm the only one here in Nice who is doing something productive.. will take a break tomorrow and drive over to Cannes...

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