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 Ed on 'triangles' - a must read!2 comments
picture25 Sep 2004 @ 22:08, by Max Sandor

from Ed's message (also posted on techs4reality list):

Recently I noticed that the perceptible higher and lower "planes" of reality have more to do with triangles than they do with primal polarities (olodus, etc).

Triangles are not really arranged in the linear manner...

I implied above, despite appearances. Actually they seem to interlink the various polarities into a consistent, coherent universe. Triangles seem to keep the universe from fragmenting. Because polarities are a series of binary splits of Tao, the polarities do not of themselves produce a smooth, seamless universe. A smooth, seamless universe is placed here by two things only: 1) combinations of poles welded together (using oshe to produce zero [oyeku] difference); these are called odu in Ifa 2) combinations of poles separated (ofun) by by inserting infinite (ogbe) grades of possible relation between the poles; these are called triangles in scn.

I want to point out that both of the above types of combination are using one olodu, and then moving it BACKWARDS to the adjacent olodu in that wheel. This reverse motion of the wheel is correct for strengthening the bottom of the universe, but is very disruptive to aware Beings.

Back to triangles. ARC seems to sit right in the middle of the group, with other triangles arranged above and below it. I advise to work them across one another. Use them to access each other. I have noticed that ARC is taken by using KRC on it. Similar to what I advise with goals, do this on one leg at a time.

Method? Anyone who attempts this should be able to find a method, or find someone who can provide it. A method I stumbled into to access ARC, for any of you in Europe currently, is Skywork. I say Europe because that is where Max is, and Max runs the Skywork sessions. By KRC I do not mean merely attend -- I mean learn to DO what Max does. Knowledge. Responsibility. Control. Acting as Skyguide (running a Skywork session) confers this.

Skywork processes morphogenetic fields. Morphogenetic fields are fields of Agreement (i.e. Reality in the ARC triangle). Skycircles exhibit lots of Affinity and disaffinity, often dramatic; and Communication is the primary method used to resolve the problems of the session. This is processing the agreement end (Reality) more than it is Affinity.

I realize that the above example is sketchy, but you'll just have to do the work to fill in the gaps.

It's better that way, anyway... right???

cheers Ed
PS from Max: see also Ed's excellent comment on my previous BLOG post!

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25 Oct 2004 @ 08:35 by Oriana Narducci @ : Ah-Ha.
Well, thank you for putting into words what I have been living through. Ever since I met Max and saw his Skyworks, I couldn't quite place my finger on what was actually happening but felt is so powerful that I immediately put it into action myself... now here is a tough spot, Please Please do bear in mind that words are not the thing... and so I started doing what Max does in his Skyworks... and each time I find an ARC break, even a hinted one, I immediately make sure it is taken care of on the sopt weather it be in or out of the body. What I have found that this method is extremely powerful for all that take part, me included.  

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