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picture21 Oct 2004 @ 14:32, by Max Sandor

Emperor Ming the Mechanic's series of BLOG posts prompted me to remember yet another story of the Great Little Lion King!

No further words needed..

read on..

Reality IS Real

'My family, the Bee-hive, this is the real Reality!' the bee told the Great Little Lion King, 'when will you finally learn?'

Our Great Little Lion King was whining, rolling in pain on bare ground 'no need to sting me in the nose for that, Little Bee, or...?'

'If you would know better, I wouldn't have touched you, Great Little Lion King, sorry!' the Little Bee said with faked empathy in her tiny voice, herself in agony.

'I know, I know, I talk too much sometimes, dear Little Bee, but nobody listens to a Great Little Lion King these days anyway!' growled Nemus, still in terrible pain.

'Then you also know that I am risking my life to give you this lesson?'

'Careful, this may be censored.'

'By whom?'

'By the goons of your own Queen' said the Great Little Lion King.

'How could that be?' whispered the Bee carefully.

'Whoever creates reality fears nothing more than the naked truth.'

'Hah!' laughed the Little Bee now. 'You're as stupid as I thought. Everyone follows the Real Queen, no matter where she goes. A little piece of truth changes Nothing! The sum of what everyone thinks it 'Is', that 'Really Is'. I thought you've learned that part by now!'

'Sure enough, but WHO is the Real Queen? Every Bee believes what they're Beeing told. Nobody sees the Real Queen. They just follow their immediate neighbours, thinking that THEY know where the Real Queen is going whether they are Really knowing the direction or not. Nobody knows what the Real Queen thinks, what she wants, or where she will go. That's why she is the Real Queen!'


'The Real power is in the propaganda of what people THINK where the Real Queen is going. The communication of it. This perception of the perception of Reality can change that, don't you think so, Little Bee?'

'Dream on, dream on, Great Little Lion King! If there are enough Bees to follow a different path, yes, sure. But when you have a different stream of reality, swarms of Bees that is, there would be chaos. One part of the Bee-hive bumping into another. Chaos! War! A Queen loves that, Great Little Lion King! It teaches the rest to behave as they are told.'

'I know, Little Bee, yes, I know, if there's not enough of that going on already, the Queen will create a few of it.'

'So what are doing about it, Great Little Lion King?'

'I'll have another nice capuccino at the QueenieQueenie bar in Nice, what else?'

'Hah!' screamed the Little Bee who by now had recovered from her own sting. 'I knew it! You're no better than anyone else! But may-Bee you only stay in the city of Nice because you're fooled to think it's Nice there!'

'But is IS Nice in Nice. Except for the train station ticket sales. It's so bizarre - it makes the movie 'Brazil' look like a reality show. I went there a few times in the past to have a reality adjustment. It's just too Nice in Nice otherwise.. but now they've put parking meters in every possible spot, so I don't need to go to the train station anymore to get aggravated...'

'OK, OK, enough of that. It's Nice in Nice, everyone knows that. But Can you also stay in Cannes, Can you?'

'I know someone who makes worse puns than you, Little Bee. His name is Ed and he lives in the City of the Angels. And, for the record, it's 'Be-Hype' and not 'Bee Hive' that is creating reality, you're an imposter yourself, Little Bee!'

This was too much even for the Little Bee, so she left our Great Little Lion King, whose nose was still hurting from the sting. 'Well, in January I should really be at the River of January, but that river stinks so much that may-Bee I should hibernate in the most Beeautiful city that can ever Bee, the city of Flowers, that Is. I never made it Really past the Sign northwest of it.'

Nemus looked at his nose that was still hurting badly. But, on top of that, he now was also terribly confused.

'Bee, Little Bee, Bee back! Help mee, Bee!' he shouted. 'Where should I Bee? I want to Bee where I should Bee. I want to Bee all that I should Bee. Alfred, Count Alfred, you were right all along. The verb to 'Bee' _IS_, yes it _MUST BEE_, the curse of all that what _IS_! May Bee it's the Bee that IS creating Real Reality?'

The Little Bee came back to have a last word in this: 'You know, I hate Korzybsky, Great Little Lion King. What an insult to all of us Bees! But listen, the naked truth of the word 'Reality' is in the Word itself: 'Reality' comes from 'Royalty'. Whoever the Queen may Bee, she Is Royal, Real, creates Reality. That's it! And now shut up! Roam in Rome, eat ham in Hamburg or peas in Pisa, what the hell, in the end, if you're honest, you like TouLouse sometimes, but then, May Bee next May you May Bee in Berazil for a BEEr!' shouted the Bee.

'Stop! No more!' screamed Nemus, holding his head. And, seeing this, the Little Bee left our Great Little Lion King, quite satisfied of having found yet another victim...

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21 Oct 2004 @ 15:37 by ov : *

22 Oct 2004 @ 00:05 by ming : Ouch
I think it was BEEality that just stung me in the arm. I'm stuck in a swarm, and I can't see the 4est for the 3s, and the Bs. Let Count Alfred wave them away with his Map so we can have a picnic on the Territory.  

22 Oct 2004 @ 01:45 by Ed of the city of Angels @ : TB or not TB, that is the congestion...
Yeah I gots more pun than you can shake a speare at, the pun being mightier than the soared. Tis an interesting allegory above. Punishment aside, it's odd that what IS can only BE if one doesn't know what is. As soon as what IS is known as it is, it is not. Therefore one can only BE by NOT being.

22 Oct 2004 @ 02:08 by ming : Seeing
Or one can only see by not-seeing. For if one saw everything, there'd be no information, thus nothing to see. So, one blocks out most of the spectrum, and suddenly one sees something. And since everything already exists, there's no need to make something. As a matter of fact, it doesn't work, as it already existed, and the attempted redundant duplicate instantly disappears. Wheras if one instead blocked out the stuff it isn't, then suddenly it appears to exist. So, it can only be by not-being.

Likewise, the most valuable skill in mastering doing is not-doing. As doing already exists, so trying to master it is redundant. So not-doing is more productive.  

22 Oct 2004 @ 15:09 by Ed @ : Not doing
Good point Flem-Ming. :)

Like the master said:

Consciousness is a symptom of disease.
All that moves well moves without will.
All skillfulness, all strain, all intention is contrary to ease.

Know what I mean?

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