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picture22 Jan 2005 @ 20:34, by Max Sandor

Had so much to do and no Internet readily available that I missed out a lot on the BLOG action...

As so often the last 14 months or so, I promise to change this now...

So much news... Polar Dynamics as book available via and, Polar Dynamics in Russian availabe, Brazilian version of Polar Dynamics in progress, collection of writings in Brazil available as 'Between the Heavens and Earth' ...

well, well, well...

will update all links on my pages soon.. çheck them out tomorrow or so!

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22 Jan 2005 @ 20:38 by skookum : I want to be
in that hammock.. lol  

22 Jan 2005 @ 20:45 by mx @ : how fast can you be...
wow.. that was within a minute that there was a comment..

and, yes, skookum, swing by here in Sao Roque, less than an hour from Sao Paulo, Brazil....

if your car doesn't get the last hill, park at the bottom and call on the cell, or walk up, just 200 meters, good exercise...

see you soon!

22 Jan 2005 @ 22:12 by jmarc : yeah
nice hammock, lol.  

23 Jan 2005 @ 18:19 by Ed Dawson @ : hill?
You must have got the house cheap, huh? In the US the poor people live on the flat land and the rich on the hills, but in Brasil I understand that it is the reverse, right? Ergo if you bought a house on a hill then you got it for an excellent price, and get to feel like a (northern hemisphere) king overlooking the world! ;-)))

How is Logs of JD Flora coming? Talked to Gunter last night, he said that he introduced you and the rep to each other and that you would take over the arrangements? Is everything on track? I wanna buy one!!!!!! :)))

The post-skywork party was fun; we were laughing and carrying on like crazy. :))))
Wish you had called...

24 Jan 2005 @ 01:32 by Helô @ : Ed,
Oh..... Ed!, we're living in the jungle... a kind of kings of the jungle. Actually I'm the Queen.

You're well coming but may be should leave your shoes at the doorstep.

24 Jan 2005 @ 04:35 by Ge Zi @ : that hammock
congratulations for the new place, your royalty, king and queen.
But I think that hammock is too small. imagine all the guest coming
and everybody wants to be in the hammock. I guess you will need
one of them oversized tripple-king-size hammocks.  

24 Jan 2005 @ 14:58 by Lady D @ : san roque
Fantastic !!!!

...I am happy for you , for the Queen and for all us....

Good choice !! The best of what we have seen....
Waiting for coming again.....

Lady D  

25 Jan 2005 @ 03:46 by al @ : Russian text of Polar Dynamics 1
First crude variant of Russian text of Polar Dynamics 1 is placed here
Pleasant swing.

25 Jan 2005 @ 03:58 by al @ : THE GHOST DANSE ARTICLES (Russian)
Russian text of
is placed here
Pleasant swing

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