The Sandorian Grove: Temperature dropping to 20 degree Celsius at night here at Mailasqui - Sao Roque    
 Temperature dropping to 20 degree Celsius at night here at Mailasqui - Sao Roque7 comments
picture28 Jan 2005 @ 03:51, by Max Sandor

We are all in despair here, it's raining, the hen doesn't talk to the rooster anymore (see picture), it's past midnight and it's approaching the 20 degree Celsius barrier of comfort (76F or so).

Frigging cold, I used to say North of California...

So, why did the chicken cross the road????

answer: see above.. it's just too cold!

Heloisa's comment to the real-life picture attached (one amongst many others): that chick is on her way out... may be we should put some Viagra into the chicken feed...

Me sez: that chick is just worried about the neighbor's dog...
and rightfully so... just sneaked in twice today...

so, who, in your humble opinion, is right?

Heloisa, Memememe, the rooster, the hen, the dog, or dog backwards?


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28 Jan 2005 @ 04:14 by Ge Zi @ : women
By default it's always the women that are right
- so it's the chicken and Heloisa.


28 Jan 2005 @ 05:55 by Ge Zi @ : heck...
... why are the comments on your blog all centered?
fix that will ya?  

28 Jan 2005 @ 10:18 by jstarrs : I like the cartoon...
..with the two chickens on either side of the road, with the far one shouting to the other: "You ARE on the other side!"

28 Jan 2005 @ 11:48 by ming : 20 degrees
You poor thing. And you're saying this while it is -1 and snowing lightly here in sunny southern France. The chicken would freeze stuck to the road.  

28 Jan 2005 @ 18:50 by Kathie Lynch @ : Who is right?
I agree with Heloisa, that the chick is on her way out. She looks scared.
Probably that arrogant rooster suppressed the hell out of her and she's hoping that the neighbor's dog will come and put them out of their misery:-)))
How you guys doing? Did you know Baba Ogun called me a couple days ago? I talked to the Iyanifa also. It was nice hearing from them. I bet you can have them over for a nice chicken dinner after the dog comes to visit!!  

28 Jan 2005 @ 18:58 by hgoodgame : Out of the box and into the pan -
She crossed the road to prove she wasn't chicken!
As to who's right? The hen is right to not speak with the rooster, look at his arrogant glance. She knows something he doesn't and the time is becoming desperate. It's not her job to keep an eye on the neighbor's dog, that what she has you for. But no matter.
Even on the chopping block she will still let go her egg.  

28 Jan 2005 @ 19:21 by Ed @ : 20 degrees celsius
It's so cold because of global warming! ;-)

Little Red Hen is wearing a look of consternation because she hasn't done her hair and some damn human is taking her picture in that condition.

As for the rooster, old chanticleer only THINKS he rules the roost, look at to whom he comes when he wants something...

Hey jstarrs, the chicken crossed the road because it is too far to go around. ;-)


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