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 The face of the Polar Dynamics book cover is haunting me...5 comments
picture29 Jan 2005 @ 03:24, by Max Sandor

shame on me...

I haven't mentioned the book (re-) release of Polar Dynamics 1, a compilation of texts written by mememe and Ed Dawson. Truly Amazing, Beyond, and Everything...

Just order it from, or better (more centavos for me and Ed) from

Should have said something a month ago already...

tonight, visiting a local art show in Mailasqui, Mailasque, Mailasky, Maylaski, Maylaski, Maylasque, or however else it may be spelled, ...

I got painfully reminded at my omission...

One of the faces for the Polar Dynamics cover stared at me. I bought it instantly, quasi impulsively, for the outrageous sum of 3 Reais (1,10 $ or 80 Eurocents). Don't know yet how to use it. Too big for an ashtray, too strange for chips to eat from.

So I asked Heloisa. She said (scuse my crude translation of her very poetic wording): "this (see picture) is a decorative object which can be posted on a planar surface, preferably of a white or clear color to yield an aesthetic contrast. If it would have a hanger, which it doesn't, you could hang it on the wall."

Well, there you have it...

in any case, the piece already did its duty in reminding me to alert all of you that Polar Dynamics is now available for the incredible, one-time only, amount of 13.99 US Dollar. Hurry, buy today!

AND, don't forget that Easter, Thanxgiving, and X-Max is coming up soon. Better buy ten or twenty and put it all of your friends stockings (if you have that much friends - if not, give it to the poor!).

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29 Jan 2005 @ 04:52 by Ge Zi @ : amazon
Really rad - checked it out on Amazon and it's really there!!!
and pretty cool, too.
so - what about the content compared to the first generation -
any differences?  

29 Jan 2005 @ 11:28 by Ed, the other author @ : AND THE COMPOSER OF THE COVER
Heh heh, if I told you who that image is on the cover, the two masks, you would freak out. Let me hint, it is based on a death mask, and the dead man was a famous German. :))))

You wouldn't BELIEVE how much fun it was to use it.

Valarie says HI! She says she is going to email you...  

29 Jan 2005 @ 13:32 by mx @ : Kant or Nietsche???
please tell us, please please please...

difference to the first generation: same amazing stuff with lots of typos corrected.. (Ed did an heroic job on this)...

and thanks, Conal, we will take you on the offer for proofreading Polar Dynamics II !


29 Jan 2005 @ 19:24 by Ed @ : The mystery mask IS....


1 Feb 2005 @ 06:36 by al @ : Embodying
Wisdom starts to put on book clothes when it grows old.
Or not so, mx  

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