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 Hmm... even more hard work...7 comments
picture7 Feb 2005 @ 02:43, by Max Sandor

...slaving away in voluntary isolation on a book in Portuguese to appear this month in Brasil, no time to check e-mail or anything else.

But tonight, we got out to mingle in the streets with the Sao-Roquers (that's the Holy Rockers, in plain English).

It's Carnaval time, even the camera had too much wine from the tap (chopp de vinho, as it's called here).

More than 2000 dancers in a parade of 6 Samba schools, much less Samba than in Rio (16 dead in the first 2 days of Carnaval, still counting) or in Sao Salvador, but we enjoy the laid back, relaxed attitude of the people here.

What else could you expect from a town which has a 'Church of the Matrix' ( Igreja da Matriz) in its very center?

Just when you thought you escaped the Matrix, there you are right back in it...

... well, back to work.. will answer all my e-mail tomorrow...

it's past mid-nite... time for the next shift...more extremely hard work.. I think I need a vacation from this vacation...

Sorry folks, break is over now,
OK, OK, I'm comin...

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7 Feb 2005 @ 03:24 by Ed Dawson @ : All work and no Sam Adams... ;-)
Working title is "Your Guardian Orisha". And I have been slaving away on it as hard as you. Did not go out on friday or saturday nights. Though I did spend the day today with Nouar, fun! We went to the Pasadena City College swap meet. I found an old Doc Watson (bluegrass/oldtime music) double LP in perfect condition for $3.50.

Trying to discover the real meaning of the name of the Old Warrior path of Obatala. I found two versions of the name: Eyenike and Ekanike. Eye is bird. Eka is the act of counting. Ni is the definite article. 'Ke is oke = hill. so... "bird the hill" (hill bird)? Or "count the hill"? Bah nothing makes sense... sheesh!
Keep plugging away and I will too!

7 Feb 2005 @ 03:40 by skookum : A peek
into another world. Thank you and good luck on your writing!  

7 Feb 2005 @ 04:17 by Ed Dawson @ : What is a "skookum"?????
Thanks, Skookum. :)

My curiosity is unbound...

What is a skookum? Is that an invented name, or does it mean something? It sounds like a british celtic fairy name, like a bwgan (hobgoblin), or a ku-sidhe, or maybe one of Lewis Carroll's "boojum"???

But what the hell do I know, my mother's maiden name was seeley! (sheelie?)

Hee hee! ;-)

7 Feb 2005 @ 20:06 by Ed Dawson @ : Old Warrior
My search results this morning are showing that Ekanike is the Cuban Lukumi version of the name, and that Eyenike is used in Nigeria.



Eye is a bird, but it is also a metaphor for a spirit.
Ni is the definite article
Oke is a hill

Eye ni'ke translates literally as "bird (spirit) the hill", and more sensibly in English perhaps as the spirit of the hill.

I know little about ancient Yoruba fortification of towns. Did they make hill fort the way celts did?

24 Feb 2005 @ 05:02 by al @ : dense ideas
Hard work is when somebody try to make pure ideas to be dense ideas.

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