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picture28 Mar 2005 @ 11:18, by Max Sandor

A tremendous performance hi-lighted Max's new interpretation of the Flying Swan (Il volo del ciglio) in Northern Italy, just a bit North of the Scala, the world's most famous theater.

Another 'flying Max' picture, and a very special one.

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28 Mar 2005 @ 13:52 by sprtskr : Flying
What does it feel like to you to fly?  

28 Mar 2005 @ 15:49 by Ed Dawson @ : flying Max
okay, okay, what is THAT all about???? ;-))))

Hm... those statues in the background look familiar. There are three like them in my livingroom, and 4 or 5 more in Gunter's livingroom. Max seems to be scattering statues wherever he goes!!!!! ;-)

Too silly,

28 Mar 2005 @ 17:09 by mx @ : after the workshop with Aaron...
the performance took place after the dinnerparty after the interview/workshop with Aaron (a huge success, I must say)...

we talked a lot about the upcoming book.. will do the changes these next days...


28 Mar 2005 @ 17:24 by Ed @ : Book and next
With nothing to do, while I wait for you to send the MS Word document back with your additions, I have begun a book of the 256 irunmole, the spirits of the odu. There are many I do not know. I am writing up the ones I know.

Your database of dafa imori should come in very handy for completing this book. It will probably be mostly your data, more than mine.

I assume you're into it... ;-)))

29 Mar 2005 @ 13:12 by mx @ : re : Book and next
sure... don't know if this would be for public consumption, tho

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