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picture21 Sep 2005 @ 16:58, by Max Sandor

(part 1 skipped)

a few words:
pakkha – energize [leap up]
citta – mind [heart]
paviveka - solitude, isolation, not-being-mixed [seclusion]
nekkhamma – not-doing, non-activity, neutralization of polarity [renunciation]
santano – holy, important, an eternal truth. [peace]
paccayo yena – the sequence/dependency of conditions

[PTS collection page 439 bottom]

evametaņ ānanda, evametaņ ānanda,
So it is, Anando. So it is, Anando.

mayhampi kho ānanda, pubbeva sambodhā anabhisambuddhassa bodhisattasseva sato etadahosi:
even for me, Anando, before fully awakened, as a not-fully-awakened-Bodhisattva-Being, I thought:

'sādhu nekkhammaņ, sādhu paviveko'ti.
very good is neutralization (of polarity), very good is not-being-mixed.

tassa mayhaņ ānanda nekkhamme cittaņ na pakkhandati
in this way, for me, Anando, the neutralization did not energize my mind

nappasîdati na santiêêhati na vimuccati,
did not persist, was not stable, was not liberated.

etaņ santanti passato.
“This is holy” was not perceived.

tassa mayhaņ ānanda, etadahosi:
in this way, for me, Anando, I thought:

ko nukho hetu, ko paccayo yena
'What is the inner origin, what is the sequence of conditions

me nekkhamme cittaņ na pakkhandati
(that) the neutralization does not energize my mind

nappasîdati na santiêêhati na vimuccati, etaņ santanti passato.
does not persist, is not stable, is not liberated. “This is holy” was not perceived.

tassa mayhaņ ānanda, etadahosi:
in this way, for me, Anando, I thought:

kāmesu kho me ādînavo adiêêho,
I have not differentiated the flipside of the energy sensations.

so ca me abahulîkato, nekkhamme ānisaņso anadhigato, so ca me anāsevito
Neither were they united – the benefit of the neutralization did not arrive - nor were they depleted

[PTS collection page 440]
tasmā nekkhamme cittaņ na pakkhandati nappasîdati na santiêêhati na vimuccati etaņ santanti passato.
Therefore the neutralization did not energize the mind, did not persist, was not stable, was not liberated: “This is holy”, was not perceived.

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21 Sep 2005 @ 22:33 by Ed Dawson @ : pakkha?
What are the parts of this word "pakkha"? It has "kkha" on the end, just like "dukkha" and
"sukkha". What does the first syllable "pa" mean?

And please, do you have translation of more of the sutta? I want to see a precise translation of the process(es) he is using farther along in the sutta. :)))


21 Sep 2005 @ 22:34 by Ed Dawson @ : PS:
That blanket is too much!!!!!!


21 Sep 2005 @ 22:37 by Ge Zi @ : picture
Hi - you master of the wild picture!
What is that? Max Gadafi? Max, the evil emporer, or what?

As for the content: Either I don't understand it or it is self evident ;-)

PS: could you please fix that all the comments are , please?  

22 Sep 2005 @ 13:26 by mx @ : pakkha?
pa- could be seen as the un- prefix in English... whereas aa- is a straight negation and vi- is a separation or dispersal like in de-.

fixed some silly errors..
will type in some more, but the above already gives the picture...
the process he is using is emphasizing the 'staying' with it, an observation which was made in the last years that showed that a rapid neutralization is not persistent and does not provide the energy initially sought.

Hence, the basic girapoli process (without the tetras), that lets the poles rotate slowly instead of permitting a rapid neutralization.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 16:44 by Ed Dawson @ : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pa = un-? And you translate "pakkha" as "energize"? To energize requires that one un-"kkha", which implies that "kkha" is owonrin!!!!!

Owonrin, a field of energy, is a mind field, or literally the stasis field of the spirit body, in which feelings, images and other chitta appear and disappear.

Which makes "du-kkha" a double field, a good description of a polarized energy field around and in the body.

I'm going to have to get out the Pali dictionary and take another look at this stuff...

23 Sep 2005 @ 09:33 by mx @ : well..
Ed, if you see it that way, pakkha could be 'neutralize'. But then, what is 'ne-khamma'? Be aware that this is the Burmese spelling, transliterated badly, and some of the combinations can be misleading.

I don't have the Rhys-Davids Pali dict here. Have a look yourself, cool!!

23 Sep 2005 @ 15:11 by Ed Dawson @ : Pali dict
Yeah, I have your copy of the dictionary downstairs. LOL! And my copy upstairs! :)))

29 Sep 2005 @ 17:41 by Ed Dawson @ : Pakkha puzzlement/ buddhist upanishad
I'm still digging at pakkha in the Pali dictionary...

Found something else interesting. the upanishads are pre-buddhist, right? Well this conversation between a Hindu and Lord Yama conatins quite a bit of buddhist doctrine!


30 Sep 2005 @ 04:11 by Ed Dawson @ : PAKKHA!!!!!!
Rhys-Davids and Stede say:

Pakkha: visible, clear.

So Max, what does that do to your translation?????

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