The Sandorian Grove: Spiritual Arrogance, Cargo Cults, and the Bug of this Universe    
 Spiritual Arrogance, Cargo Cults, and the Bug of this Universe7 comments
picture21 Feb 2006 @ 14:50, by Max Sandor

GeZi posted some excellent thoughts about Cargo Cults. A frequent observation for me is the circumstance that the more distant cult members are from their original source, "the more they display the phenomenon of spiritual arrogance".

These days for me are days of contemplation and research, bringing the problem of the "bug of this Universe"....

The current state of this world demonstrates this bug as the deficiency of living together in peace. What lies behind this apparent inability?

My approach goes towards the analysis of the scripts people are using. In a fractal Universe, the scripts for groups of people are similar, or even, at a higher level of abstraction, identical.

The Ego of a group entity, whether soccer fans or members of political parties or religions, has an added feature: the feeling of superiority of their own group and the denigration of concurrent groups. Another law obtained through observation: ".the closer the groups are ideologically, the more violent the fighting"..

To arrive at what could be the "bug of this Universe", it seems that one needs to cross yet another layer: ".the difference between victory in competition and total domination.".

Imagine the competitors for the ice-skating competition at the Olympic Games would not be content with receiving a gold, silver, or other medal, BUT that all who did NOT win would be obliged to serve the gold medal winner for the rest of their lives as slaves, or, in another gruesome scenario (but closer to actual politics) all but the one winner would have to die.

Assuming that the design of this world would have been OK to begin with: How did this killer script enter this world? Or was it actually part of its original design and the assumption of a benevolent Universe hence an illusion?

What would happen if one would overcome the fear of being annihilated and eliminate this script from one's live?

This is presupposing the courage to confront the lies covering up the existence of the urge of the single to dominate the rest of the world!

Interestingly, the more a person or group is dominated by the urge to dominate others, the more they will pretend to be 'fair' and 'help' all others.

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21 Feb 2006 @ 17:11 by jobrown : Ooooohhhh, my , ohhhmyyyy!... : )
Max, you hit the head of the nail SQAURE!!! I've been on the quest for quite some time: to undress the "bug" of all its layers and layers of "religious" justifiactions and "ideological" BS; all those tings that "allows" each of these social groups to be "The One & Only" -TYRANT/ MARTYR.
I have stated a thousand times here on NCN that ALL "religions" are man-constructed semantic /"academic" PSYCHOLOGY of the ARCHETYPES of each given frequency of colour in the Rainbow or notes on the Musical Scale (-and its myriads of "combos" )and has indeed NOTHING to do with ANYTHING ELSE -as far as Cosmic truth and reality goes! And when push comes to shove; "who" is the "Winner" Man or Uni-verse?... there IS but ONE Cosmic Truth and that is to be found in each and everyone's own Heart and then lived by every minute, every hour -provided LIFE means anything to oneself! Of course, all those to whom their VIP is more important, by all means... .... ; 0 .... Just do don't do it any longer at the expense of someone else! The Global Family of more Loving and Enlightened ones, will NOT accept that BRATT behaviour to push us around anylonger!  

21 Feb 2006 @ 21:11 by Ed Dawson @ : Morphic fields
Max, please note that while morphic fields are essentially fields of agreement, they are formed backwards because THEY ARE FIELDS OF SHARED DISAGREEMENTS! You wrote something about "to agree to disagree", so I know you know what I mean. This is by the way, one of the reason why I locate Eshu as the Beingness of the morphic fields -- we both know Eshu operates by doing things backwards.

..therefore I submit to you that the real source of the bug of this universe is ESHU. Look for it there.

22 Feb 2006 @ 01:18 by Ed Dawson @ : More on that Eshu
On the circle of orisha there are 6 primary attractors. Three attractors are positive: Ela, Kori and IyaNla (Oduduwa). Three attractors are negative and produce paths of Eshu, and also some less than positive orisha.

One of these negative attractors is the Eshu of the Road, often called Legba; at this location is also the orisha Omolu.

Another of these negative attractors is the Eshu of the Dead; at this location is also the Orishas Onile, Orisha Oko and Igbale.

But it is the third which concerns us. It is the attractor of Selfishness. Its Orisha is Orisha Obo the Devouring Vagina. I have not been able to discover as yet the real, pure form of the name of its Eshu path. As a joke I have been calling it Eshu Mememe in honor of one of Max's jokes. The elevation of the Mememe SELF over others, exalting the Mememe and degrading others is the action occurring as a result of this negative attractor.

Please note that this Eshu Mememe sits on the circle exactly opposite Ela.

PS: the circle referenced above is only publicly available at this time in the Italian language edition of a book by Max, myself and our friend Aaron. Sorry. The book can be seen here:
Contact Max if you want a copy...  

22 Feb 2006 @ 08:48 by ashanti @ : Excellent
Spiritual arrogance, exactly. Some day, I'm going to write a treatise on this!


Ashanti, who is currently in Rome.  

22 Feb 2006 @ 10:28 by rayon : Green grass field
here, will rest awhile. Oh is that a river over there thro the reeds. What has been said here is central to certain other beliefs too. By the way, the picture is not a true classical style, the proportion of space to material is deficient in the latter and out of control in the former, it is an ersatz form of the real thing, whose characteristics are those of appearing to float on the earth, without touching, whilst at the same time appearing to have the densest substance of materiality one could possibly imagine, as you can see the proportions are completely opposite of the correct type, they contrive to float the building, making it not of the ground in feeling, but very much so regarding substantiation in the realisng of one's feet on the very ground, groundedness, in sum a true paradox between seeing and believing.
All the extreme right wing arch of that riech, was wrong. Once these fine differentiations can be determined, the rest starts to fall into place. Hope this is still part of the discussion thro the pic. My lol stands for lotsofluv, which was my first translation of it!  

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