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picture15 Apr 2006 @ 08:37, by Max Sandor

One polarity, even though it has a dominate component, is always part of a manfestation containing all prime polarities. The most basic energy 'object' is pervading space and to form an axiomatic system must satisfy the Nordenholz Axioms (Scientologie, 1933). To be a minimal object in 3-D, it must be a tetrahedron (see Pythagoras) which is also a space-filler (see Buckminster Fuller Synergetics), necessary to completely pervade space.

The creation of the fourth point of the tetrahedron follows the spiral of a Phi (Fibonacci) function (see Dan Winter's illustration). As a more basic observation, it is here postulated that already the Nordernholz Axioms which describe the relations of basic triads of the Universe, follow a 2D projection of the Phi function.

The result of these contemplations is a structure ressembling the minimal 4-D projection into 3D space, also dubbed the Mayan Time Star (Steingrubner et alii, 1993). A crude depiction is given in the attached picture, the tetrahedrons pervade each other, of course).

To make sense, the sequence of the Dawson Odu-Wheels needed to be rotated regarding the virtual starting point of each wheel. This matrix solves a lot of problems while introducing surprisingly few ones.

Ogbe Ogunda Iwori Irete
Ofun Okanran Owonrin Oturupon
Oyeku Osa Odi Otura
Oshe Obara Irosun Ika

Coincidentially, this arranges the Odu in rows intro the of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire elements and into the quadrants of Form Vs Essence and Solidity Vs Transparency at the same time (or in other words the intensity or solidity of manifestation).

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17 Apr 2006 @ 22:32 by Ed Dawson @ : Hmmmm.....
Hmm... each space of any number of dimensions requires an extra dimension to fill it?

So a single dimension space can have an object of a minimum of two points?
A two dimension space is filled usng a triad?
Our three dimension space takes a minimal object of four points/sides?

Is that how one creates a space, by placing it inside an object with one extra dimension than the space created? Our 3-D space is inside a 4-D space? But, but, that means that your 4-D object must exist within a 5-D object! Ad infinitum! Yikes!!!!!!


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