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picture2 Jun 2006 @ 16:56, by Max Sandor

Today's new featured entry in Wikipedia is Transhumanism. a great summary with a huge number of links.

Since I'm not (yet) mainstream-avantgarde, my novel SF-series Logs of JD Flora is missing from the list of novels. Well...

The Logs, written in 1985, describe the strange path of a human who is first traveling in time, before becoming one with a computer system called SFYNX, and, along the way, ponders many of the questions addressed in the Wikipedia entry on Transhumanism.

What would feel like to be the mind of a computer? I still don't know... who would??

Note: for all of my books, see here!

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3 Jun 2006 @ 10:28 by Lionel @ : Your feedback
Hi, Max,

Thanks for your profound feedback, very concrete. And thanks for your support, Max: it's a pleasure.

Creating a synergie, submitted to animation (giving a 'soul'), finality convergence and entropie, is the core of work 2.0 (new and also very ancient systemic paradigm).

Absara may set up, very soon, some sort of international 'symbolic' franchise, to spread the experience. Building a network.

Very warmly - Friendly yours,


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