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picture26 Jul 2006 @ 16:17, by Max Sandor

When tracking back goals (versus the super-goals) in Skywork (groups sessions) and individual research, we find consistently the same supergoal at the end of the chains: sharing joy.

More than coincidentially, this super-goal is also the LAST stage of emotional contemplation of the famous sequence of Gotamo Buddho which goes as follos:

- sharing friendship
- sharing (emotional) distress
- sharing joy
- equanimity, void of sensations of any kind

(the last four stages (or states of superconsciousness are equally beyond human emotions).

It should come as no surprise that this ultimate super-goal, when inverted, becomes the most aberrative and destructive of all human emotions: jealousy.

Quite fittingly, the Torah/Old Testament describes the jealousy of Kain versus Abel as the first story after the expulsion from Eden...

We can witness how best friends become worst enemies.

Groups. whole nations go into the frenzy of war, all the way babbling about peace.

Are these just ´regular´ polarizations or is there something special about polarizations of the super-goals?

It is very clear that jealousy overrides any rational behaviour, independent of the "intelligence" of the person inflicted. If anything, people who are engaged and acting responsively in general, seem to polarize even more violently and seemingly irreversibly than an ordinary Joe Blow.

Speaking of irreversibility (or the appearance thereof):
it is here that my doubt sets in as to those polarizations just being "ordinary" ones.

May be it is simply because to repair a goal polarization involves to go one step above the level of the goal, and, clearly, there are no goals beyond the super-super-goal.

The next level up, equanimity (Pali: uppekkha, Yoruba: suuru), can not be obtained via processes nor "initiations" - a state being void of goals: to have it as a goal would be a paradox.

So, for now... it seems that keep looking for a process to undo (and repair) such super-polarizations is the only way to go... (even though it appears an irrational instance of hope)..

any inspiration will be greatly appreciated, hmmm


PS: drawing from, James

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27 Jul 2006 @ 21:52 by Ed Dawson @ : White charge
To have a goal a person must choose something positive, and oppose something opposite that positive as a negative. Both choices are arbitrary, as I know you know. Most "clearing" involves cleaning up (erasing from the mind) the negatives associated with pursuing the positive end of the goal structure. This sort of processing results in a shiny "new" renewed purpose and positive attitude in the processee... but it still is part of a goal structure that contains a negative. To completely process the goal away, one must also ERASE THE POSITIVE end of the goal. Gotamo (Buddha to most of you reading this) advised removing the root of desire. And what is desire? It is an urge to achieve the positive of a goal. I call this "white charge". It is difficult to get a person to remove. And what is the root of desire? Separation of anything into positive and negative poles, thus forming the goal structure itself.

So the problem of black charge (the negatives) and white charge is simply the separation into the goal structure itself.

If an item is divided into positive and negative poles, the awareness sits -- UNKNOWING! -- at the negative end of the structure so that the positive at the opposite end can be desired (desire operated across distance or separation). Meanwhile, the positive end of the goal has its own Life, its own Beingness, and this Beingness of the positve pole attempts to reunite itself with its negative opposite. This is exactly why goals decay. This urge to reunite is with both poles, which the awareness can see if he steps out of the structure (like when doing gunas). This urge to reunite the separated poles has a technical name in Sanskrit: "tanha" (goal thirst). The awareness is only aware of half of tanha normally, the decay flow is usually an invisible backflow.

The above is the basic problem. As for solutions, I have noticed that processing as an individual is of limited effectness. Since all Beings are parts of the single Being, then it is necessary to process as everyone, not just as an individual. This is where morphic field processing like skywork is useful.  

28 Jul 2006 @ 08:36 by Chris Melchior @ : (a few minor additions)
Just a few little comments of mine . . .

1) goal-neutralising process . . .
a) grab all your goals
b) move them temporarily off of Self (so that they are no longer acting on you)
c) spot the goals as Dichots, and allow to merge (temporarily).

I am not sure if it possible to do this process fully, but it is certainly possible to do so cleanly enough to almost cease being connected with any manifestation in the physical-universe . . . ones awareness of ones surroundings sort-of goes blank and one is externalised from the physical-universe. I am not sure how close the result is to Equanimity, but it is certainly a very quick way to take a big temporary step in that direction.

2) The goals talked about above (by Max and Ed) are goals up to about 100 on the tone scale. Above this are goals which do NOT exist in the form of two linked poles (a Dichot). One can take a Dichot, and go up the tone scale beyond 100 and the two poles become separate, unrelated single goal (so thre is no positive or negative). This is also the area prior to, or above, indivudation . . . there are some kind of meta-goals such as 8Life (infinite-life) which includes Life (beyond both Spirit and Body), Freedom, and other qualites in a higher-level un-dichotomised meta-goal. There has been some discussion of these on my group (Techs4reality). If one really gets in contact with such a meta-goal, one is beyond polarisation and Dichotomy, at that point.

3) As well as sky-work, it is also possible to process Morphic-Fields effecively by processing as/from multiple Selves (not multiple viewpoints of a single Self). One can start learning how to do so by observing the creation of Morphic-field . . . view the same Terminal from two or more Selves simultaneously, and Morphic-Field forms. Erasing it seems to require erasing from God-Above and God-Below as well as the Selves which created it, in my experience.  

28 Jul 2006 @ 21:48 by Heimdall @ : Dichotomies and Triads
Hey Max! Thank you for your inspiring entry - interestingly I have been thinking about similar things quite recently. :-)
My basic concern were dichotomies and triangles, which seem to be more closely related than I thought. I focused mainly on the triads of "fear-hope-nonconfront", "greed-aversion-delusion", the Nordenholz axioms and NLP Trinergy. Trying to explore relations between the "drama triangle" from Trinergy and the "terrible triangle", it seemed to me as though fear and hope form the edges of the drama triangle (whose positions are at the corners) bilaterally, whereas non-confront points towards the "peak" of a tetrahedron from all three corners. The peak is probably related to equanimity and/or the subject at hand which gives rise to the triangle (I suppose that equanimity would lead to its cessation).
Then a friend of mine looked at my sketches and concluded that non-confront seems to be the "primary cause" of the triangle (you don't want to confront something in the first place, fear and hope result as a pseudo-dichotomy, and together they form the triangle). This makes a lot of sense to me, but I can't yet figure out whether it is fully compatible with the Nordenholz axioms, as the geometry looks quite different. What do you think?
In any case I have to keep telling myself that it's not the alluring visualisation itself that counts! :-)  

4 Aug 2006 @ 14:11 by Lionel @ : Archetypical synergetic scripts

Empassioning ! As usual.  

31 Oct 2006 @ 22:20 by underdog @ : goals, dichotomies, and triads
This is my first comment on this site. I read often on the dual and tri aspect of experience. May I suggest that when a "client" reaches the EP of a dual or tri based process such as DP3 that THAT is not the End of Session. May I suggest that all this meaning and associations were but stepping stones to a non-dual state. Further, that experiancing this pre-Prime area can lead to resolutions not considered with rational thought (which developed later or elsewhere). There is a urge to make sence of it all. The CBR stories serve as one example. I suggest that what has passed as the Scn EP for half a century was only the begining, the process needed a second phase to full make use of the client's trip through the mind.
And this goal - sharing joy? There are no other people.

5 Nov 2006 @ 17:10 by mx @ : end of session and other people
right on underdog...

the Girapoli processes evolved from the observation that Pleroma is NOT the final EP of a depolarization but rather like zapping a battery. The positive energy (one of the Girapoli energies) could be likened to the 'true' Epinoia of Pistis Sophia.

And, for the 'sharing joy' process, there are NO terminals. Hence, it doesn't matter if there are other people or not...  

6 Nov 2006 @ 20:32 by underdog @ : more on dual and tri processes
Thank you for not giving me a very difficult reading assignment. (joke) I am not much of a reader thus I must be very selective in my choices. The Little Notebook caught my attention some years ago. A most interesting study indeed. Pistis Sophia by Mead is large too and will take a little time.

I do have a few hours a week for processing, too. I just completed the R3XD8 which took about 4 years. It is an "incident based" proceedure very similar to Dianetics and can reach into any experience including non-object states. (The whole series of writeups are on the internet or I can provide them. They are not too long, not big words.) I did PEAT P/F and Space R/D in Dec 03 and that seemed to boost this interest in pre-prime areas.

My research partner, Polly Purebred, is an open case and had some R3X and PEAT. She was willing to explore. We were looking for very very fast processing.

I had experienced Power Processes myself in 1973 (also used in CBR handlings), was trained Grad 5, so we started there with the addition on R3X patter once the "stuck incident" was reached. It worked splendedly. A session of this went a very long way. Any basic prime pair that the client IS INTERESTED IN will do. I even did SCS in this style.

I have since added new patter to be used after the "stuck incident" is resolved or if there is no stuck incident. I ask; what is being experienced? (avoiding identity references), reach for....., fully experience....., withdraw from...., what was experienced? (repeat over and over adding any new content given) I am alert for body tiredness to begin EOS otherwise I continue as long as I can.

To put things one way, I take something the client has attention on in life, a pair or tri formation WITHOUT REGARD TO THEORY OR LOGICAL PATTERN. They are saying "it" or acting "it" out. Use their wording from THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM. PERSONAL REALIY is very importantant. If it is a curse from a Hindu demi-God then Op Term it (curse and blessing from that terminal) and you can modify the wording to the client's pleasure. I use a PrPr type wording (due to Scn background) and run it a little rough "tone 40" on purpose. Insistant. You are not too interested what the client says during this phase although some might be very interesting to the client. I then change auditing style and become very very attentive and gentle when I use the R3X (with over/under) and/or the modified Reach/Withdraw in the new area of experience.

Goal? To locate any and all decisions/considerations/ideas contained in experience pre-prime. The client will tell you when you gently listen.

Maybe I will locate the very first time I pretented to be born as a spiritual being. Not just shifts of identity mind you (Idenics). The flame goes out and I cease to be and never was.

I think this could be Lord Buddha's Way - speeded up.


8 Nov 2006 @ 02:35 by mx @ : the client tells you everything..
the client will tell you unmistakenly in their first sentence what the polarity is that they're stuck. Suffices to know the Odus (basic polarity patterns of Ifa) to classify and take it from there. They will even indicate with their eyes and/or body movements where the polarity poles are located in space. Obnosis is everything!  

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