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picture23 Aug 2006 @ 16:29, by Max Sandor

One should think that only a superficial study of polarities and its dynamics would suffice to avoid some of the traps that are so obvious that I never bothered to write about them. Not so, as I found out recently when I heard about some people who claim to be students of Ifa and yet fell for this one (which, to make very sure to mention is an islamic influence in some parts of Nigeria and never practived by any serious student of Ifa): The Fasting&Praying Trap.

Fortunately, there is an excellent analysis on the Internet under the title "The Seduction of Simplistic Raw Vegan Dogma", see

This article hi-lites the most important points in this modern, ancient hype even though it's not really clear if the writer is aware that what he wrote applies to ALL kinds of fasting efforts.

Here is a short quote of his summary of why it is so "seductive":...

(begin of quote)
# Excessive idealism causes us to want to believe in simplistic raw dietary dogma, because we want to believe the world is easy to understand.

# The extremist claims about the diet sound too good to be true, but we want to believe them anyway (gullibility and dietary "snake oil").

# Provides a false sense of security, if you believe the dogma that the diet is "best," "perfect," or "most natural."

# Social aspect: the diet makes you unique, can focus considerable attention on you (very appealing to egocentric types.)

# By assigning a false morality to diet, you believe you are morally superior to those who eat differently (self-righteousness and ego).

# For those with low self-confidence, the diet may provide a movement to identify with; it can even impart a warped kind of self-identity.

# Finally, some aspects of raw veganism can be compared to the experience of being part of a cult; it can be a cult-like experience, if you make the mistake of believing--and following--the wrong diet "gurus."

(end of quote)

Let me add a few points from the perspective of Ifa/Polarity Clearing:

A decision to do fasting can be seen as turning a "white charge" negative.

The body's urge to survive by eating sufficiently is being supressed by the "spirit".

We know the results from observation:

- the "soul side" goes into opposition, creating all kinds of health and emotional problems
- the "middle part", the mind will create all kinds of justifications why "it works" even if this is not the case
- the spirit part rises up on the tone scale "from punishing bodies", to "shame" and then to "blame" (a classic "Obara-Flip", more to that in another article), resulting in aggression towards perceived enemies, which, if they don't exist, will be created with the help of the mind.

All this results in a downward spiral and the end-result is people going around killing others in the name of some god, turning the suppression of their own body into the suppression of other people's body (the "Obara Flip").

"Praying" acts as an amplifier of the white charge on the spirit side, subdueing white charge on the soul and body side.

All of things can't work, no matter how inventive the mind creates a perceived "success". Only one thing is sure: it won't increase the freedom of a person or a people, it will guide them into war and slavery.

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23 Aug 2006 @ 21:51 by Ed Dawson @ : One point
I agree with most of what you say here, except for some of your reasoning on fasting. Yes it is turning a white charge negative. THIS IS BASIC "OTHER POLE" TECHNIQUE. (you might recall it from our Polar Dynamics, lol!) To undo white charge, one pursues the negative pole as if it were the positive, thus bleeding out the urge for the positive pole and de-polarizing the set.

That said, I agree that if the Other Pole technique is ended too soon, your consequences can occur. End Other Pole without merging the poles and there is a boomerang reaction, and the positive pole slams downscale, often into Enforce or Inhibit on the CDEI scale. With the results you describe. One must bring the spirit up to Death 0.0 on the tone scale, at which there is a reset. While tone 0.0 happens to be Death on the emotional scale, it is also 100% responsibility as a positive in the Effort band.

24 Aug 2006 @ 00:17 by Ge Zi @ : but, but, but ...
... diets do work - so how can that be?
Here is my own experience: many years ago I started with MacroBiotic and got my body in pretty good shape. Told my dad, and he did the same thing.
I visited them, ate with them, and got sick - because they did it all 'wrong'.
It took me a few years ago that the reason why diets work for some people (the same diet might not work on others) is the fact of taking responsibility.
Doesn't really matter what you do or eat - as long it is YOU doing it, self determined - then it will work. I could actually see that prayer would go the other way, except maybe it's a prayer done right, like "O I, who I am in heaven..." or so.  

24 Aug 2006 @ 14:27 by joda : When body gets what it needs
then of course, it works better. The point is to KNOW what it needs, not to indulge in some wishfull thinking based on hearsay or various 'diet' preachers simplified statements.

How to KNOW is another story - my only solution so far is to test various kinds of foods without expectation and check the results, or just listen to my body and give it what it craves (and again - check the results). I think we need a cold scientific approach here, but maybe I'm wrong.  

24 Aug 2006 @ 16:04 by mx @ : 0.0 reset
diet: for myself, I simply ask my body and listen to what it wants. works for me.

'other pole': if it's done the 'other pole' way (and I did once successfully many years ago), you stop intake until the poles flip, not the half-way thingie of eating only certain things and then only at night, etc, etc..

macrobiotics (and any other diets): I agree with Gunter but what he points out was not the point of the article.

It is the 'otherdeterminism' and going only halfway that create the traps.  

2 Mar 2007 @ 14:43 by rayon : bETTER LATE THAN NEVER
If you are under 45 years approx, and used to be normal, you can still play around with whatever on the basis of absolutely nothing except what takes your fancy in food etc. Each person is quite entitled to this, and whilst I maintain that Experience is the a first hand situation from which to view life, unfortunately the experience with doing any old thing one fancies without any information why is more or less just a pastime.

There is an science based on the understanding of how life works, the energies required to make the body function and to cure, and it is not fanciful, but requires discipline and "a getting to know thyself" according to an expert approach. When advances are made on this path, it matters nothing what others do, because they are different, but it becomes to matter a great deal what one continues to do because understanding this science gives much control over the whole situation to such an extent that even the Expert in it advising you will rely on the goodness of your interpretation of what the expert is saying to achieve the optimum result in this science. Ayurveda.  

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