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picture30 Aug 2006 @ 11:52, by Max Sandor

I was reminded to post a reminder to remind everyone that affinity/unconditional love/agape/amicitia/amour courtois or whatever you may call this pheonomenon of the basic polar quality know in Fá as Otura, is JUST ONE OF 16 such qualities and to cut ANY AND ALL aka cords one has to cut them for the other 15 as well.

From my personal observations, I can state that the majority of today´s relationshop are NOT falling under above heading but rather under Oturupon, notably in its flavors of responsibility (or better lack thereof) that are called blame, shame, guilt, etc... all of which are NOT resolved by Otura (loving unconditionally) but, as stated, by Oturupon (taking full responsibility).

One could say that this error of trying to resolve any and every problem with "love" is the sickness of our times and only installs an illusion of a solution which necessarily MUST CRASH bitterly (which for the misenlightened promptly starts another downward cycle of assigning blame and guilt to someone else).

This misenlightenment is reflected also in most attempts of "Fasting and Praying" and the euphoric states that can happen are mostly NOT super-energies/peak-states as described a few times on this BLOG, but rather biochemical processes that be observed in many other "techniques" such as flagellation and similar masochistic procedures.

Since these are pseudo-peakstates, they are of short duration and the person has to continue and increase the dosage (severity of self-punishment) nearly every time. This exactly is ...

the phenomenon of a "drug" and therefore we can rightly talk of "Fasting and Praying" as being a "spiritual drug".

True peakstates, for example as generated by Girapoli exercises, are fading over time but can simply be reinvoked and reinstated after they were created just one time.

Again, a short glance on the tone chart of emotions demonstrates where "punishing bodies" is located and consequently what to expect next from people that practice it (hint: look at the neighbouring tone levels).

One could argue (as it was done in a commentary to my earlier BLOG entry) that fasting could be used as an "other pole" technique such as the Buddho Gotamo Siddharto tried before reaching enlightening. He claimed it was NOT helpful, but then again, fact is he DID practice it. And, yes, if it´s pushed to its extreme we arrive at a "negative Ika to positive Oturupon" transition just as Jesus did when he died at the cross, in other words, there are quicker methods to do this transition, pun intended.

And, OK, here is the first example of an "Obara Flip", as promised, namely that "HE(Jesus) died physically so that WE can live in heaven forever (spiritually)". Obara (as Self/others) flips from one to many, or more precisely, in my own classification, "flops" from a negative to a positive.

Such "flops", real or imagined also as part of many "initiation" practices, are the basis of cults, whether large or small and anyone promoting such practices must tolerate to be accused of manipulation of the (ignorant)masses...

But everyone is free to practice whatever they like, of course.

I prefer training for the next "Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship" and support the movement of making it an olympic discipline until the 2008 games.

Don´t know yet if I qualify (Fasting&Praying promoters shouldn´t be if you only study the official rules carefully enough):

There will be no doping tests. However the jury can rule out the contestant if his/her mental or physical preparedness is not adequate for full a performance. Contestant can also be excluded from the Championships if he/she is considered to be a danger for himself/herself, to other contestants or to the public.

Now back onto the meadow :-)

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2 Sep 2006 @ 23:56 by Ge Zi @ : What are those 16 qualities?
I had some such thoughts and put them down in my lates blog article on {link:|Love and Responsibility} but now I want to know what are all those 16 qualities - names and desription please - so that they may help me to accomplish my big step.  

3 Sep 2006 @ 06:43 by bushman : Hmm
lol. I didnt think this post would of ended in anti doping laws in olimpic games due to, the levels of self starvation. But is true none the less your mind is flawed per lack of food, so a mind would resort to deviousness, hmm, Im not sure I used the right word there, but from personal expiriance, being hungry, does have its benifits. How many times did Jesus, get doped up on self mutilation? This might be off topic a bit, but, you know in lots of religions they say, this is bad, this will send you to hell, you should walk as Jesus did, bla bla... Yet when people do, they are called addicts, etc... by those same people. I dont know the word , cult, has a mighty broad deffinition, to me anyway. like people who drive drunk are commiting a crime, but yet the word crime means someting tangable, but if they stop you before you kill someone, they are punishing you for something that could happen, because your driveing DUI. I can see it now, well officer, I was fasting for a week to see God, and now Im just trying to get to a Mc Donalds. Oh son, that will harden you arteries, so your under arrest for attempted murder. :}  

4 Sep 2006 @ 09:42 by mx @ : gz, they arrive...
I just wrote a new, streamlined summary of those 16 and want them to be discussed on the Polar Dynamics Yahoo group prior to being published. Will send you the draft. Your article is RIGHT ON!! see the one I publish next in a few minutes..  

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14 Dec 2014 @ 20:12 by Stone @ : PKZaeCulmVehqpxrZ
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16 Dec 2014 @ 13:19 by Ania @ : HBXiRfeXuaGDbshHastP
Fasting can be done for a long period of time befroe the body goes into starvation mode and begins to store fat. This is usually around at the 72 hour mark without food. Although I am not sure as to why your doctor recommended fasting, he or she provide you with a great tool to both regulate blood sugar as well as lose excess weight. How long you fast is really up to you. If weight loss is your goal, a 24-hour fast twice a week or a 16-18-hour fast a couple times a week can really make a difference. Fasting is easiest if you begin after eating dinner because you will most likely be able to sleep through a large fraction of the fasting time. Fasting can be incredibly healthy for your body, just be sure to not overdue it.  

29 Dec 2014 @ 09:51 by Abhi @ : fqhIwAEEvcOZrsHYBQ
First your doctor must be an idiot, WHO TELLS THEIR PATIENTS TO FAST! that will just lead to an eaitng disorder which trust me I know about. I don't know how long you are supposed to because it depends on body type how much weight you have to lose etc it depends on you honestly for me I don't eat breakfast or lunch and drink as much water I want for the whole day (0 calories) but I apparently have an eaitng disorder so just eat your probably fine the way you are just exercise and eat HEALTHY no fasting! [url=]zhtqaqiz[/url] [link=]krbgsuoperl[/link]  

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