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picture4 Sep 2006 @ 10:33, by Max Sandor

(see also the congenial BLOG entry of Gunter under the same heading at Coincidence??? NOT!!!

Even though there were no public comments to my previous BLOG entry, I received a number of interesting and very thoughtful e-mail messages. The majority of them were pointing to my remark that it is necessary to be able to permeate ones space not only with affinity (Otura) but also be able to do so with all the other 15 prime principles of life, notably the principle of Responsibility (Oturupon). Some of these messages called out the polarity otura-tuupon outright and a few words on this dichotomy right here and now.

Nietzsche coined the words "Wille zur Macht", usually translated as "will to power", and very often his formulation was used to push him into the corner of Machiavelli who, in turn, is usually equated with the thirst for political/economic power over people and countries.

Nothing could be further from the truth: in the contrary, Nietzsche called for the fundamental shift of the individual person from a slave-mind to a person that takes responsibility for himself and his environment. This is an inner process, independent of the status of a person in the chains (sic!) of political powers. Other thinkers called this going from "being effect" to "being cause" or, from "irresponsibility" towards "responsibility" for one's own state of being and one's actions. In New Age speak we can hear the label "Personal Power" and, indeed, entering this state of "Personal Power" is a great acomplishment and the most positive aspect of many self-help authors and "motivational speakers".

A brief comment to Nietsche's "Wille zur Macht": ...

"Macht", related to the english noun "might", is the energy of a POTENTIAL. Ironically, once 'power' is executed in the physical world, one speaks of a "demonstration of power" but the actual "power" is lessened when executed. In the political landscape we see therefore these division in executive and legislative branches and into those groups who CONTROL those without appearing themselves physically. German "zur" denotes a direction, "towards". "Wille zur Macht" is therefore a "resolution towards being at cause" rather than a Machiavellian "lust for power". For Nietzsche (as well as for Aleister Crowley) it is this "resolution towards being at cause" the one and only difference between the enlightened, self-responsible person (the "Uebermensch") and the irresponsible slave.

From the viewpoint of Polar Dyanmics, we see in the wheels of transitions of the 16 prime principles of the Universe Oturupon-Otura-Ika-Irete as the fourth "grand wheel" and we can see the difference of Nietzsche's "Wille zur Macht" as a positive (forward!) transition of Otura-Oturupon (note that the principle ("Odu") combinations are written in reversed sequence, from right to left). The Machiavellian "lust for power" appears as a negative (backwards) transition Oturupon-Otura. This perspective demonstrates in an impressive way WHY a "demonstration of power" LESSENS that very power. If the inner pole of "power" is being asserted forcefully (Oturupon-gbe), it draws from its own power.

Edward Dawson was the first to point out the destructiveness in 'reverse wheel transitions" (and the phenomenon of the "retrograde Eshu") and indeed the flipping over the inner pole to the outside for Otura-Oturupon typically manifests as a suppressive action. Emotionally, to find yet another formulation of the same, instead of "doing" affinity (Otura) to "have" personal power (Oturupon), the person tries to "do" personal power in order to "have" affinity (be loved or admired, for example).

To use the example of "collective fasting & praying" for the last time (it's getting boring, alright): the resolution to be at cause over one's eating habit is a positive manifestation of the "Wille zur Macht" as Otura-tuupon BUT the other-determined collective decision to do the same will INVARIABLY cause destructive energies. The sense of "self" (Obara) which turns inwards during the act of taking responsibility (an "obara flip"), turns outwards in collective hysteries with the result of the suppression of "others" (hence "obara flop".

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5 Sep 2006 @ 20:44 by Ed Dawson @ : reverse wheelin' / forward progress
The problem with moving in reverse on one of the wheels is not so much the problem of using an odu as a GPM (what Max talks about), as it is the problem of CHANGING an olodu one is using into the next olodu back on the wheel. Otura is love or affinity. This naturally leads to closeness and involvement, which transitions very easily and positively into Life and Living (ika).

(the positive sequence of the #4 wheel is oturupon to otura to ika to irete and to oturupon again)

One's spiritual health or spiritual life (oturupon) is dependent on cleanliness of one's space. It needs to be fairly empty. For this affinity is a disaster because affinity brings more into the spirit's space. Therefore it is observable that transitioning from otura to oturupon causes an increase in certain spiritual diseases, particularly what used to be called "obsession" and is now sometimes called being infested with entities.

The problems of the #4 wheel are nothing compared to the #1 wheel. Spin it properly and you get a completed as-isness. Spin it the wrong way and you get living hell.

Related matters:
the pluses and minuses of the Zousel diagram should not be taken to mean positive and negative in the usual sense. They actually relate more to causeativeness for the pluses, and being at Effect for the minuses.
The #1 wheel is plus-plus. It is total Cause and no effect.
the #2 wheel is plus-minus. It the first direct effect of prime cause manifesting a universe. the #2 wheel is precisely matter, energy, space and time.
In Hindu (Samkhya) terms the #1 and #2 wheels are prakriti.

The #3 wheel is minus-plus. It is the causative creations. These are living Beings, which have been caused to exist, and which in turn do causing of their own, as visible in their minus-plus makeup.
the #4 wheel is minus-minus. It is total Effect. Where the #3 wheel is Life, the #4 wheel is one's Living. And because it is total effect, one's living is subject to serious problems. What is teh first action (or should be the first) in therapy? LIFE REPAIR! Only when that is cleaned up can the person move on to expanding beyond worries about Livingness: survival, love and hate, obligations, drugs, etc. -- all of which are items on the #4 wheel.

For those who wish to take a shortcut, mastery of the #1 wheel allows a person to control all the 12 olodus beneath. But WARNING! This area is subject to delusion if it is not clean. Only a person who is "buddho" (awake) has any chance of mastering the #1 wheel.

Hope this gives a few people something to consider.

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