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picture13 Sep 2006 @ 09:31, by Max Sandor

While working on a new "rundown", for now called "Meme Stripping", I feel it necessary to outline a circumstance typically not clearly mentioned by many authors when writing about memes:

1. Two Sides of a Meme

A meme, like everything in this world, has TWO sides: one is the bare concept, the Platonic "ideal", the other one is an emotion attached to it.

Thus we can see the synergy of "soul PLUS spirit" concept also valid for memes.

To assess the value and function of an existing meme, we need to determine WHERE both ends are on the "tone scale", the scale of emotions.

It sounds like a contradiction, of course, to talk of the emotion of a spirit. Let's remember though, that, as in the Tao symbol, every side has to contain a part of its opposite in itself in order to persist. Only through this "lie" can the construct survive.

It can be observed that an individual meme can be controlled solely through manipulation of the fields of emotion of both its sides.

2. Plato: the model and its instantiation

During our new look at things in the past days, we have also seen more clearly the circumstance that without a model of the Universe close to Plato's view it would seem impossible to perform basic manipulations of one's own memes.

In other words, ONLY by seperating the "ideals" (the memes of course) from its material manifestations (the mirror of reality) is it possible to gain a perspective on same.

There is a lot of discussion: what is "really real": the model or its instantiation? Methinks that this is a fruitless discussion: BOTH sides are needed to make a game. It is certainly not true that only the "ideal" controls the manifestations (like in OOP, object-oriented programming). In the "real" world, a "feedback" from the instantiation to the "ideals" is possible BUT it acts in a REVERSE way than expected. This is the principle of "ebo" in Ifa.

An example: ...

"hope" is deadly because it is placing an emotion of a POSITIVE on the outside (the physical body where the emotion is being sensed) which will create its NEGATIVE on the inside space which will then create a duplicate in the physical world. Therefore, "hope" results in the manifestation of the OPPOSITE of what is being hoped. (The same is true for any kind of EFFORT).

As a side-note, it appears that many authors on the net assume that Nietzsche and Plato were at "opposite" ends of philosophy. Nothing could be further from the truth and I found an excellent article that demonstrates this brilliantly here and even sheds some extra lights on some recent topics on this BLOG, like the suppression of appetite.

3. Is there really anything NEW out there?

An interesting question came up recently: are there any NEW memes or are ALL possible memes already contained in the "hologram" of our world and it happens only through an ACTIVATION of a meme (by pouring energy/emotion in it) that the meme becomes apparent?

4. Types of Memes, Raw Memes

Are memes that are dependent on its author only virtual memes and should be better called (as in the past) "entities"? Are universal templates such as the Ifa Archetypes just another type of generic memes?

Strange questions: for now let's differentiate as "raw memes" those that are WITHOUT an individual owner (not ignoring the fact that ALL memes need more than one person to be activated! Or, in other words, that if you would be alone in the world, you wouldn't exist, hehe!)

The phenomenon (and danger) of such a RAW meme has been described earlier on the BLOG (see "Adjacent Energy Emanations and Stray Polarities").

5. Computations

It seems that raw memes are able to create "computations" and hold them in place. Thus they may create a "virtual mind". (But always stay aware of the different types of memes, see above!!)

6. Meme Networks

Memes act in networks and their synergy is a great part of their power. Hence the need to map out the organizational chart of the memes one wants to keep (after the process of "Meme Stripping") in order to maximize their power.

7. The Pendulum Analogy

An interesting analogy made in transurfing is that of a giant pendulum in the inner space (world of ideals) which gains its power from the number of people pulling it.

8. How to identify memes?

Memes seem to be overly assertive in the spirit (upper) part but uncertain in the soul/lower part. Locating the energy of the "why" question will reveal the lower parts of memes and looking for strong convictions reveal the upper parts. It MUST be checked which type of meme is encountered every time because at first glance it seems impossible to know if it is a representation of an entity, a polarity, or a "raw" meme and the "treatment" depends entirely on the type of meme.

9. "White charge" memes

Prosurvival memes with "feel-good" content are equally disastrous if not viewed. This is the problem with most (all?) of the "feel-good" philosophies of the New Age movement.

that's it for now...


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13 Sep 2006 @ 15:07 by Ed Dawson @ : meme construction
You realize that you have just described memes as service facsimilies operating within the morphic fields of groups?

As for the upper and lower parts you mention: these are the basic construction of a thought. Read and notice this is what I am talking about when I describe an "effort level thought". Yes yes yes, I completely agree that in order to exist it must contain both higher and lower elements. Spot both and it (the thought, the meme, the entity) vanishes, sometimes dramatically (occasionally mine explode).

We need to sit down some time and map out the various types of these things and their similarities/differences. Could be another book...

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