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picture14 Sep 2006 @ 01:27, by Max Sandor

these days a great Babalawo departed: Afolabi Epega.

Forwarded from Ed:

"I just heard from Philip Neimark that Afolabi Epega is dead, sometime this month. It is a great loss. He and his line of babalawos, particularly his grandfather, were the ones who brought African Ifa to the West. Afolabi taught Philip Neimark; his grandfather taught William Bascom. Without their actions we would not have the depth of knowledge of the universe that we possess."

The only links I know of are in Spanish and Portuguese:
the Brazilian line (Sandra Epega) (the photo is from that website) and the laudatio in Spanish.

For those who are interested, there may be more information soon at Philip Neimark's site Ifa Foundation.

Personally indebted to his work I wish a grand "Odabo!" for the transition!

We are reminded that life aiye (here and now) is transient and it is wise to use the chance of the moment to progress.

Oluwo Agbaoye Olori-Ire Ekunle (Baba Ire)

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14 Sep 2006 @ 01:29 by enora : Never heard of him
before today.  

14 Sep 2006 @ 01:38 by mx @ : what is important doesn't turn up..
what is important on this planet doesn't turn up in the news...
(which is OK for those who appreciate the real values in life!)

14 Sep 2006 @ 03:33 by Heloisa @ : Afolabi Epega's transition
Mo dú pè Baba Afolabi Epega.
Ashè Ashè Ashè O!

iyalashè Ashá Fáshólá  

14 Sep 2006 @ 12:50 by dani @ : Baba
Aboru Aboye
Only what I know and I can see that we are many in his line. WE thank him for opportunity given to us. and we wish to go on. this is enought to have in mind as A Grate Baba.
All our love for his transition.
iya Fayomi  

14 Sep 2006 @ 13:09 by luc @ : Bridge
Thank to him ,today we can know IFA paradigm even in our western world.
It sounds like our grandfather departed for the next adventure and left his sons continuing the job. Great contribution to our world.
Ashe, Ashe, Ashe O .


14 Sep 2006 @ 14:10 by awo babatunde @ : asheoooooooo!
thank to you, baba!!
today we can work to be free!!!!!!
it is a gift I never forget!!!!
I pray for you.

15 Sep 2006 @ 15:42 by R. O. Sharif @ : In All Things Love!!!
Agbo Ato - Baba Mi, Aboru, Aboye, Abosise;
My extended family, wife, children, and myself give thanks to Olodumare and all the powers of heaven for placing you at the right time in and on our path,
and for inaugurating the sacred ordinations and creating the Divine Legacy that recontinues in time. We pray your return to Orun will be greeted with all the decorum such a one as yourself fully deserves. Miss you, Ifayomi C. Mauge,
and Ifadele T. Holiday. Modupe for Esu Odara and Itefa.
Ire O, Odabo
Oluwo Ifayemi Akintelu Ogunjobi Agbede-Epega

16 Sep 2006 @ 06:47 by Baba Ogunrinde @ : Ase.
Ase to the mysteries of the universe. Ase to the power within. Ase to the feeling of blessing, thought, energy, peace, love, mood-swings, anger, rage, and life as we know. Ase. ASE to Babe Epega who carried, honored, and respected more than the cosmos. He respected all and every thing that breath. Although his transitioning is very hard to swallow, his love, grace, and legacy is easy to grasp. Mo du pe for the road less taken. Mo du pe that your spirit finds it's way to the energy on this page for reasons that you are still honored, respected, and loved. Continue to work God's work from the heavens to the earth. Olodumare will continue to be given the highest praise for sending you though the universe. Houston, TX will honor, respect, and focus it's energy on healing, caring, loving, and applying your light, as it is said Ase. Ase. Ase O.  

7 Oct 2006 @ 18:17 by Y.O.K. @ : Iwa Pele
The setting of one of the truest sons of Ifa, beautiful in life and will always be remembered in the after. Words can not describe what his vessle has brought forth to enrich my life as well as the life of my family among countless others. I give thanks to Olodumare' for placing such an emmaculate example of servitude and character in our path so that the teachings and culture of Ifa can continue to awaken our African spiritual family at home and abroad. I can not thank the creator enough for allowing myself and many other members of his spritual family in the United States to spend time with him before his final return to our Motherland. All praises due...  

7 Oct 2006 @ 23:54 by Iyanifa Ifasina Ogunbanke Agbede-Epega @ : Oluwo
Awo ki ku, Awo ki sun.
An Awo does not die, Awo does not sleep his spirit forever remains strong within us.
We do not cry, but sing Iyere Ifa.
We carry on all that he left with each and all of us.
May your spirit and soul rest in perfect peace Baba.
A Dupe Oluwo for all that you gave and shared with us all.  

16 Sep 2007 @ 02:29 by Oluwo Enrique de la Torre. @ :
Me llena de alegría ver aqui a los hermanos rindiendo merecido tributo a mi Babá Afolabi Epega ya fallecido. Que Edumare lo bendiga mucho. Asé, asé, asé ó !!! ...  

23 Aug 2008 @ 10:42 by ADEKUNLE ISMAIL ADISA @ : IYERE IFA
bawo nia se le ko omo ile iwe alakobere  

9 Feb 2009 @ 05:00 by CHIEF OLUWO IFA & OGBONI, E. DE LA TORRE @ : ase, ogbo ato asure...

9 Feb 2009 @ 07:40 by vaxen : Ummm
Here is the url for babalawo dot com, Baba De La Torre...  

20 Aug 2009 @ 15:58 by Babalawo Afolabi Akinfaderin @ : Tribute to my brother-Awo Afolabi Epega
I am yet to hear that human lives for ever. I am therefore not surprised that my brother/friend Babalawo Afolabi Epega transition to another plane. Though very painful and hurtful but I have consolation as many of you will expect that he is at Peace with Olodunmare. He has served humanity with joy,laughs and dignity.
From all that I have read since his departure, all have been positive comments and sense of loss; it is indeed!
However, I am very pleased that he left good names behind, a good wife and children behind and my Olodunmare continue to protect them. Ase
If any one needs to know more about my brother/friend-Afolabi Epega you could contact me at or 443-759-9493
Should you wish to hear Afolabi's voice, laughs plse visit
Ire o, Baba Afolabi Akinfaderin  

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