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picture14 Sep 2006 @ 13:06, by Max Sandor

The ProtoMeme of the Universe - The Cosmic Byte.
How do we create our present and future reality via the Cosmic Byte?
another attempt to put the outline of the system of Fá on one page.

Definition: Inner vs Outer Disposition:
If that what one feels as emotion or sensation via the corporal senses is
being called the "outer disposition". the attitude (extra-sensational) within the inner Being
could be called the "inner disposition".

The latter is what we are EXPECTING NEXT, the former is what we assume to
EXIST NOW. Therefore the inner disposition controls one's next positions
within the hologram of life ("the matrix"), the outer disposition represents
where we are located right now within the same.

Using the system of Fá, we can differentiate 16 basic dispositions or poles in 8
pairs (polarities/odu):

The disposition
- to manifest (1111/ogbe) - to accept a void (0000/Oyeku)
- to construct (1010/Oshe) - to analyse (0101/Ofun)

- to expand (0110/Iwori) - to contract (1001/Odi)
- to energize (1100/Irosun) - to form (0011/Owonrin)

- to identify (1000/Obara) - to know (0001/Okanran)
- to solidify (1110/Ogunda) - to resolve (0111/Osa)

- to (completely) transform a state (0100/Ika) - to be caUse (0010)Oturupon)
- to accept (1011/Otura) - to connect (1101/Irete)

The most important rules are:
1. Failure to differientiate results in unpredictable outcomes.

2. Transferring the inner disposition to the outer senses, INVERTS the
energy of this very disposition.

3. Pushing pole to its extreme, causes its reversion.

4. A condition is reversed ("repaired") by changing the inner side to the
counterpole of the pair and swapping poles.

5. The number of transitions from one such condition (polarity) to another
is limited. It can be represented as a binary tree that follows the rules of
the ConCur Principle (Steingrubner 1990).

6. Going FORWARD in this binary tree of transitions results in what humans
perceive as GOOD results, going BACKWARDS in this tree is perceived by
humans as BAD.

7. Positively charged sides (poles) create a peakstate irregardless of its
sides (hence 128 basic peakstates)

In summary, some practical conclusions:
- without proper differentiation between outside and inside, outcomes are
- An expectation on the outside INVERTS its very outcome.
- an expectation on the inside CREATES the condition that is being expected

Some simple examples/applications:
- WISHING emotionally a certain outcome, WILL prevent its occurence.
- inner fear that something might happen, WILL create the event that is
being feared.
- letting go of something completely WILL bring that something back into
manifestation much stronger
- arrogance comes before the fall
- when absolutely nothing is expected, everything can happen.
- placing a solid object on the outside, brings about the complementary
subtle energy on the inside (principle of offering/ebo) which then brings
about the corresponding event on the outside (what we call "reality")
- outer (displayed) humility brings about inner (spiritual) arrogance
- outer (felt) gratitude will result in inner happiness
- what a person attacks is what it doesn't like in ITSELF
- what a person outerly pretends to HAVE, is what it innerly LACKS
- worldly fame transfers to inner solitude (if not compensated)

Again, the outside world is the HERE and NOW but also WHAT WAS. The inside
world is the FUTURE.

Both sides are always present and this pair of outside and inside poles
determines the present overall condition as well as the set of possible
transitions to a subsequent condition.

The binary code of this combination is the "Cosmic Byte", for example
1100-1111 for Irosun-Ogbe, and thus has 256 variations (odu).

The difference to the Chinese system ("I-Ching"="Book of Transitions") is
that the FOURTH bit of the code is explicit whereas it is implicit in the
Chinese system.

The difference to the Code of Tzolkin (Maya) is a different mapping of the
nodes of the binary tree, including its four creating poles, hence
(16x16) 4=260 conditions.

In the book "Polar Dynamics 1", these conditions are being called "prime
energies". They could also be called "prime principles" of the Universe. In
Ifá, (I-fá, the system of Fá) the 256 conditions are called the "Odù".

The two half-bytes of the Cosmic Byte determine the nodes of "to do" and "to
have" in the "be-do-have" triad. For practical reasons, the "to be" part is
better considered separately in the system of "Archetypes" (see the book
"Your Personal Archetype") even though both systems are intrinsically
connected to each other.

Seen as "meme", the Cosmic Byte is the Protomeme for the Universe itself.

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14 Sep 2006 @ 20:17 by Ed Dawson @ : comments on the above
The solution (not always a comfortable one) to the outer humility/inner arrogance setup is to dispay outer arrogance. This triggers attack and brings about inner humility by force, lol!!! Of course one can place outer arrogance as a joke and get inner humility, done as Other Pole technique... the intention must be clean though...

The triad formula of the level three template is out + inner = existence. In the case above it is do + have = be.

16 Sep 2006 @ 03:52 by heloisa @ : inner & outer disposition
if you're meaning phisical emotions as a outer disposition methinks shoulod be pointed out the human body as a instrument external of something beyond.

the body's emotions could be pointed as a inner disposition of a (outer) environment disposition and so on.
The conscious level are plural and therefore multiple.  

26 Dec 2006 @ 23:55 by Jude Adebosoye Ogunade @ : Infecting the emotion
Someone once wrote on the internet (sorry I forgot the url) that perhaps most of the emotions we are having as normal and thinking through Freud and the likes that they were normal, are actually infections from higher superior beings to plague our emotions! For example, the feeling of wanting to do something when you are aroused( and even in fact feeling aroused in the first instance) may perhaps be one of those infections by some powerful beings in mankinds' forgotten past! What do you think?  

17 Apr 2007 @ 20:43 by mx @ : Jude, maybe you read it here..?? ;-)
if not, let me know where you found it...
anyway, some of the feelings come from the Orisha games, others come from the ancestors, many come from constellations of the "inner planets". The 'usual' human being is too much asleep to create emotions for himself (which he could). S/he is typically effect of the playing around of the other forces.  

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