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picture5 Nov 2006 @ 13:41, by Max Sandor

Lots of interesting videos out there these days.

One of the projects I like the most is Gerald de Jong's "Darwin at Home"

and his latest videos .

More than 10 years ago we spent countless hours discussing the Mayan Time Star as a minimal 4D Object, all things tetrahedron, and many more, on the Bucky and Synergetics lists.

In violation of all Korzybskian rules, one might claim "Geometry is everything" and in reality all these strange things on this BLOG ultimately boil down to tetra-based geometries with push-or-pull nodes.

Bucky, in the introduction to his monumental "Synergetics" book, muses about life being born out of geometric structures of energies. Here, deep in the Brazilian jungle (well, not that deep, hehe), I don't have the book and thus the exact quote(s). Maybe someone can furnish a bit of it in the commentary.

In the past weeks in Italy, we have once more demonstrated in group work that emotions are determined by the geometries of basic internal polarities and duplicated the results many times.

Gerald goes more along the "pure" mathematical way and I wish this great project of his many participants and contributors!!!!

On the meme of "Darwin" most people are polarized: he's to them either god or devil.

As with all things in this world it suffices to depolarize them (see the articles about the Gunas and Girapoli processes in this BLOG). "Creation Vs Evolution" to me is just another polarity that, once depolarized, generates joyful creativity instead of hate.

Just do it.

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21 Feb 2007 @ 16:26 by piet @ : gerald and kindred spirits
thanks for leading me to revisit GdJ (and RH too).

We are a long way away from the headspace we would like to see folks share as widely, much and ‘freely’ as nowadays, say the Wapo, NYT, Fox and other Communism era echoing ragtag brags and slag are being shared.

I am talking about so far off from, as just the other as we are this here side of Armageddon that good old time has healed a few of the wounds about to be inflicted.

I consider myself one of the very few good prophets (drowning in big bad bibles and other bibliographies for which great 'all of a piece' pretense is made, Arguelles on Quran comes to mind) like your self to connect some vital aspects of a brighter future .. which has the effect of making us the out of place people of which they will when the time of our shared as desired headspace comes, say this: untimely. The down time due to having to turn corners and round bends may make it a stretch between here and there but i'll pull a few of my strands from recent past related thought, vision together and see if your item here won’t grant them safe passage.

Sacred geometry, hippy domes and Fuller have been a recurring theme for me since the mid eighties and during 04 or 05 I was shown a 3D version of the Kaballah tree at the same time I had devoted a lot of thought to Wessel di Wesseli’s ideas about how best to construct an energy harvester.

At the time I was conversing at hyperstition and calling the contraption ‘dompelpomp’ briefly.

Anyway, take 3 of those 3D Kaba Allah trees and see what you get when running the bellow bubble harmonica sets down closed in the central spine and up/open through each of the 3 outlier ones; seems like a fun little model we could build there. No Dutchman would ‘daar geen zware dobber aan hebben’ (finding something objectionable difficult).

So there you go, here ends the lesson in how dumb and numb cults can all work together and out for the better in the end.  

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