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picture14 Nov 2006 @ 15:56, by Max Sandor

Just as I was reading an interview of Dare with Robert Anton Wilson Man Bites Dogma, a cat-ma snuck into the house and our bed to give birth to five kittens.

Dog-ma or Cat-ma, that's the question...

We called the newborns Roberta, Antonia, Wilson, and Ed (like Edward), and IVy, the list I was just writing to.

IVy stands for International Viewpoints, a super-interesting magazine for everyone who is interested in the things they are talking about.

In any case, RA Wilson's article contains a perfect definition of where we (I) are standing these days, with Skywork, Fa, Inner Planetary Cosmology, Mind Processing, Gunas & Girapoli:

" The sixth circuit is the neurogenetic circuit, which has to do with morpho-genetic resonances, coming in contact with the experience and religious symbols of your ancestors, learning that they've been controlling you below the level of consciousness all your life. This is what Shamanism traditionally deals with. Jungian psychology was the first attempt to deal with it scientifically, now we've got dozens of others trying to bring people into harmony with archetypes of the collective unconscious or genetic heritage.
The next is the metaprogramming circuit, which is learning how the brain can work on the brain, how you can imprint different identities and reality tunnels as you go along. Before you get to that circuit, you have no idea what true freedom really is, you're being manipulated all the time whether you know it or not. It's the circuit where you develop true choice."

True choice is where we're heading in our work, especially in Skywork,.. in short exciting times...

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15 Nov 2006 @ 07:06 by jobrown : Cool! Very cool!.....
The Dog-ma (link) isn't bad at all -quite the opposite!.... but I dare to choose to conspire with Cat-ma. ; )... She's the BEST -and her Babies, of course!  

16 Nov 2006 @ 21:26 by Ed Dawson @ : My Car-ma ran over your Dog-ma
"know thyself" is the best advice a person can recieve. Separating the activity of knowing oneself in different circuits is of no great use in my opinion. The problem is that the basic of an individual is only awareness, divided into perception (passive) and postulation (active). All other characteristics a person has, have been acquired from the physical universe, copied therefrom. His "sixth circuit" is one of the means (a subconscious one) of acquiring programming, but not the only one. As I said, all has been copied from the physical universe.

Therefore an attempt to reprogram using the "metaprogramming cicuit" is doomed to merely rearrange what has been copied. It is a mere shift of emphasis, not freedom.

Freedom is only obtainable via exit, as advised by Gotamo Siddharto (Buddha). therefore I conclude that the only useful application of this metaprogramming is to rearrange the mind so as to permit exit to occur on its own.


16 Nov 2006 @ 21:28 by Ed Dawson @ : PS:
thanks for naming the white kitten after me! ;-P

Orisha Nla uber alles! ;-)))  

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