The Sandorian Grove: New Year in the Forest, champagne & lentil soup    
 New Year in the Forest, champagne & lentil soup2 comments
picture1 Jan 2007 @ 20:06, by Max Sandor

The past years we joined 3 million people in Rio (twice), 1.5 million in Santos, and an unknown crowd in Berlin for the New Years party.

This year we stayed in the forest. In that little place now known as the Sandorian Grove. More meditating than celebrating.

Lentil soup and champagne (the Brazilian version that is).

My better half (the link to her new BLOG will be added soon, stay tuned!), noted that Jose Arguelles stated that Pope Gregor had some evil intentions when he decreed the 1. of January to be the beginning of a New Year. To break the spiritual rhythm of the masses, to be precise. Hmmm, to me, his alternative of July 28th doesn't seem more intelligent to me than Jan. 1st.

For the spirits of the forest all of this is crap, they assured me. December 21st has the shortest daylight time on the Northern hemisphere, the longest on the Southern. Near the equator nobody cares less.

Life goes on. Round and round. 24/7. No break. Only modern civilization has the illusion of having a new start, a new chance perhaps.

Game's up. Let's play again.

Let's forgive everyone for their evil deeds during the past year! They will certainly change for the better. Or will they? Fat chance. Whoever screwed you in 2006. will continue to screw you in 2007, new game or not.

So we shared our lentil soup, champagne (and lots of acaraje, of course) with the spirits of the forest and were grateful for a wonderful 2006, leaving hope'n'hype to the rest of the civilized world.

And, certainly, as in 2006 we continue to wish well for our friends all over the world. Thank you for your love, we love YOU!

Max & Helo

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2 Jan 2007 @ 23:29 by Ge Zi @ : thank you!
your words moved me - - - - don't know where to, but move they did.  

3 Jan 2007 @ 01:38 by OscarR @ : Ashe!!!
Cheers... :-)))  

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