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picture15 Jan 2007 @ 06:29, by Max Sandor

Maybe it's the Balsamic Moon entering Sagittarius, in any case, I am shuffling through the texts of the seers of the recent past, one of them D.Rhudyar.

In 1922 he proposed to trash the Octave system and replace it by a "trinitarian octave" (or, in other words, the Twelfth taken as the basis for scales).

See the whole article at:

The article made be think about a couple of other things, such as...

for example, the mis-conception and misinterpretation of Einstein's concept of Relativity in other conceptual areas. The intro to his article, using the popular gimmick of Relativity Theory in the sense of dynamic Vs static representations of notes is a classic example of such an abuse of Einstein's Theory of Relativity (or was it really the idea of Mileva Maric and Albert ripped it off? see [link]

Another thought: what happened to the development of the super-instrument, the "Telharmonium" of Dr.Cahill? Anyone out there knows? With Jimi Hendrix in the coffin, who might pick up the threads (or the chords, ahem)?

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15 Jan 2007 @ 13:11 by jobrown : The link is
quite interesting and the article about the validity of Octaves is very intriguing for me -as I have over and over reffered to Consciousness to somehow follow the Octave. Yet I knew about the different existing Scales; in the Oriental and Arabic Music , for instance. I chose the Octave very intentionally -a convenience factor since most Westerners can relate to our Western Octave. I also have discussed the classic Bible statement: "I Am That I Am" that people love to use to justify to not intentionally grow. The complete statement is "I AM That I Am IN BECOMING", just like the article writer points out: in becoming is the KEY here! In other words; no ceiling to what Music/Sounds, life -and hence we- can BECOME! There's nothing wrong with a "Small House", just like there's nothing wrong to a bigger House, so to speak! Colours follow this same principle. Colours emanate SOUNDS!
We have the Colour groups: Opaque colours, translucent, Iridescent etc. To say that for instance red is not red because it isn't opaque but iridescent, would be to deny Logic!... I do think A' is still A even i a higher -or lower- Octave. But we have to start to get a little more familiar with the Eastern Music (Octaves); that would be to expand our Western ( Musical) House and make it to a bigger House! No one loses!
Right on!


15 Jan 2007 @ 17:42 by Ed Dawson @ : Dane
Dane Rudhyar I know quite well from his astrological texts (I have many of his books; they are impossible). I consider him basically useless. He paints pretty relationships that I cannot use as an astrologer.

Our octave scale is pythagorean; it is based on the Greek modes (diatonic scales), which in turn are based on Greek mathematics. I do not agree with Dane on this either. His article does not compel me in any way, but rather leaves me flat (same as his astrological writings).

I'll take Pythagorus over Dane, thank you.

21 Feb 2007 @ 16:44 by swanny : Interesting discussion
all I could add to this perhaps is that they say the a 440 hz of 1700 AD is not the same as a 440 of 2007 AD for some reason. Not sure why... the pitch has increased but apparently it has. Maybe its like money. today dollar is not worth the same as 1700 AD dollar. Inflation?


21 Feb 2007 @ 21:33 by Ed Dawson @ : swanny = ed?
Are you Ed too?  

23 Feb 2007 @ 01:56 by swanny : Yup
one of my monikers I suppose
ed J i guess  

26 Feb 2007 @ 16:17 by rayon : Experimental musicians
are known personally and have sat out many performances using all sorts of innovation. One key aspect of the Octave for myself is the memorability of it, and this helps the mind grow, in the remembering and recalling long complex pieces of music. Go into the experimental sector and one just cannot recall one note, only that it was played with one finger and another banging on the piano lid.

This is not to say the proposal is entirely wrong, because there is always something in such theses, but it just may not be so enjoyable as what we have, and I think Octave music is made for others' beneficial content not malfunctional anger.  

8 Mar 2007 @ 18:55 by a-d : A440 hz of 1700 not the
same as 440 of 2007.?!?!??!!?, Now, that is very interesting!.... and that THEY say it makes it even more "interesting"....leaving me to wonder exactly "Who" these "They" are - I assume They are around to tell us this info, just as They were around in 1700 to listen -and memorize EXACTLY a 440hz of That Day, so to speak.... wowww....I'm impressed! ; )
Quite funny, Swanny, quite funny! ...think you're on to something: must be the INFLATION Factor at PLAY here! ; )  

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