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picture28 Feb 2007 @ 18:00, by Max Sandor

all my ladies have gone to Sampa (Sao Paulo) for an entire day, doing the things that women do, and this is an opportunity to prepare myself a magic-meal (MM) without getting ridiculed.

Since my life is full of adventures these days that are so miraculous that nobody would believe me any of them, here I share one of my super-power-recipes instead:

(quasi vegetarian, without the use of drugs, meditation, or the like)

(the ingredients come from all continents except australia but you would need a didgeridoo from there if you want to properly activate its magic properties)

- 1 pack of Nissin Lamen (in America known as Ramen), with Carne (meat) taste
- 2 eggs from a Caipira chick (the little ones)
- 1 egg from an Angola chick
- 1 egg from a pheasant (the fat one)
- 1 egg from a dove (optional, today not available - actually that's not true, I'm just too lazy to climb up the tree to steal one of them from the poor pidgeons)
- the remainder of yesterday's magic soup (prepared by Heloisa in a ritual too complicated to describe even if I would remember the names of all its vegetables unique to Brazil's jungle)
- 1 tea spoon of Maggi Ochsenschwanz Suppe (a German specialty, made from the tail of a bull)
- 13 drops of original pimenta seasoning (like super-hot chili)
- 7 drops of Sakura Premium (not in the picture)
- 1/4 lemon (from the neighbour's garden - it's always more lemonish ye know)
- 2 leaves of Vernonia Amygdalina (fresh from the roadside)
- 1/2 tea spoon of Dende (Palm Oil from the Bahia or from Africa)
- 1/3 of a fresh garlic
- depending how peaceful you want to feel today, add a number of Hortelã leaves
- 1 entire leave of a fern (in honor of Barnsley)
- 1/4 tea spoon of coconut milk (if you're too lazy to crack one up, use the conserve as I did)
- 1 or more leave from one of our pimentos trees ...
- 2 flowers (their names are secret, even if I would know them)

**** That's all, folks, to make this magic super-power guarenteed enlightening soup! ****

TO PREPARE: All you need is to...

boil a bit of water from a well of 6 feet depth, pound the leaves in good size herb pounder (like the one in the photo). Finally mix everything together in random order and proceed with the next step.

FIRST STEP: resonate your soup with your didgeridoo for at least 30 seconds. WARNING: keep children, cats, and birds away from the stove for that time. It's just too dangerous...
SECOND STEP: use your original Peruvian rattle for an icaro song (you know, one of those that you sing when you cook ayahuasca, but not the "perfume song" in the link above if you don't want to spoil this soup!

aah, for dessert a mango from the neigbour's garden (it's always sweeter, ye know)

Plus a shake of Kombucha tea with a mix of Underberg, Limoncello (homemade from Napoli of course) & Steinhaeger, to keep all of this good stuff inside your belly for at least 20 minutes...

The result is truly... well, try it out for yourself !!!!

Bon appetit!

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28 Feb 2007 @ 18:14 by bliss : magical soup
yum! i'll do that!  

28 Feb 2007 @ 19:36 by Ed Dawson @ : Resonate?
This is also known as "vibrate". In the Kybalion it says "all is vibration"...


1 Mar 2007 @ 02:05 by mx @ : resonate or vibrate
you're right, Ed. I wrote resonance instead of vibration to make clear that the liquid enters into a specific pattern, not just a random vibration...

or the videos at like  

1 Mar 2007 @ 15:39 by Ed Dawson @ : Resonate
Hmmm... resonating is getting the object to vibrate at its own frequencies. A digeridoo does the opposite: it breaks up natural vibration by imposing chaos. Chaos is the realm of Eshu; chaos permits change of state to come out of its randomness. Once you randomize something, you can place intention/postulation into it, and get it to change into a new function. This is how it is done in Hermetic magick. The basic formula seems to be Vibrate, Energize (including using blood in some practices), and Intend. VEI for short?  

1 Mar 2007 @ 23:48 by Gee Whiz Mr Watson??!! @ : I do digeridoo & I feel ultimate PEACE!
Not only that the sound stabilizes my life wave and I have been using it's sounds to help stabilize others also. Are we on the same planet ED? LOL or maybe just a different universal dimension?? Like I agree that all is vibration even to the extent that each's vibration conceives/configures it's form... and if there is anything that resonates with me of course I find agreement with it somewhere in here. I hesitate to give you highbrow guys a url to look at. LOL but then, I AM FEMALE. and yes my circles are connected and no lines run through it, no creeks either. LOL  

2 Mar 2007 @ 03:58 by Ed Dawson @ : stabilizing
Dear Gee,
(or should I call you Mz Whiz?) ;-)

I perceive no conflict between what you wrote and what I wrote. The styles are different, but the substance of each is in accord. So you've been using the didge to help others? Good! Glad to hear that. Consider what I wrote about "imposing chaos" in the light of helping others...

Illnesses -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual -- persist on people. They are fixed conditions in most cases. If they were processes that changed, they would be easily overcome. One method of overcoming them is to break them up. The didge does a dandy job of breaking up fixed patterns of energy, allowing natural flows to reassert themselves.

Glad you are female, but are you using that as an reason to hide? Or what? You assume we would WANT your URL; that's presumptive...


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