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picture6 Mar 2007 @ 16:57, by Max Sandor

For all of you who didn't believe I would actually eat what I write about, here is a photo of the final soup just before devouring it with chop sticks. You can see my touch-up: parmesan cheese mixed with acaraje (black-eyed pea powder).

That's the same powder I used for the demo of group behaviour in the video below.

Notorious for strange theorems, here comes another one:

(Sandor, 2007)
A group behaviour follows the same pattern as an acoustic resonance on loose particles (cymatics).

1. Formative stages:
formation of a new group out of individual cells that splits in various smaller groups before being 'eaten' by a central organization, except for a renegade colony.

2. It can be shown that even without a modulation (change) of frequency of the group energy, there is a dynamic flux of group members in and out the group and a cross-fertilization (often destructive) of competing sub-groups which were formed from a central group, in turn formed out of a chaos.
(see Dr.Hans Jenny's resonance3 in

Note: uploading my first video to, I realized that there is no button for 'education'. That's a bit sad, I would say.

Below is the link to youtube...

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8 Mar 2007 @ 15:48 by Ed Dawson @ : agreeing to agree or disagree
The fascinating part is that even the renegade colony is an integral and necessary part of the whole morphic field. You cannot have a field of agreement forming a separated group (a group separate from other groups) without it containing a field or fields of disagreement. Without disagreement as part of the structure it would not form a group separate from everyone else. So the renegade is necessary, as the whole MUST contain resistance in order to persist.  

8 Mar 2007 @ 19:56 by mx @ : this is the point...
Ed, yes, that is the point I realized when I looked again at the resonance phenomena. The renegades are a must for the proper organization to exist.  

14 Mar 2007 @ 21:19 by vaxen : Heck...
Even Ouran knows that...

A renegade


15 Mar 2007 @ 00:31 by Ed Dawson @ : Ha!
that's funny, Vaxen. :))))  

18 Mar 2007 @ 13:14 by ming : Cymatics and soup
Ah, but fascinating. Now we'd want to see what happens when you apply sound frequencies to your magic soup. Maybe it will spell out secret parmesan cheese messages.

Very interesting, the idea of group formation working similarly as that kind of resonance patterns. But as, obviously, different frequencies and different types of tones produce drastically different patterns, and they don't all 'work', the question is what provides the resonance in a group of people, and how to influence it in a useful way. One avenue might be to do it in reverse: noticing what a group is doing, and then deduce what the common frequency is.

I saw a one hour program on these kinds of particle resonance phenomena once, in Germany, but I don't remember if it was Hans Jenny or somebody else.  

20 Mar 2007 @ 14:44 by rayon : Black eye pea powder and
all the dahls upon ingestation move one to higher vibrations - Soooo when sound is applied to the powders they patternate or group. Trying to simplify the logic for Ming to work it out. Maybe the group has to ingest the same powder, or something?  

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