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picture5 May 2007 @ 08:13, by Max Sandor

I used to think a lot about the minimal geometry necessary to link 3D worlds from a higher dimensional viewpoint - alas, a (the!?) solution arrived with a link within the newsletter from the world of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

The link points into Jaron's world, from the eye of the reporter of Discover Magazine. The latter is getting excited about several points in the discovery of this structure, called a hendecatope, and I want to point out what is most important for me, the concept of self-duality:

Amazingly, in 4-D space these forms connect to each other in a perfectly regular symmetry. Furthermore, the form is self-dual, meaning that if you draw lines between the centers of every facet in the 11-cell, you get another 11-cell. If you do that to a cube, you get an octahedron. So, in an important sense, the 11-cell is more elegantly symmetrical than a cube.
(end of quote)

Enjoy visualizing that one :-) !!!!

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6 May 2007 @ 04:18 by Ed Dawson @ : One thing seems apparent...
A 3 dimensional space such as we have would have to be held within a structure that had at least one more dimension. How else would you place a 3-D universe except from a 4-D one (or more than 4)?

This relates to both the level of four (a cross of two dualities, each of which forms a higher duality) and its relation to the triangle. I was examining the ARC triangle again earlier today. It consists of two poles, affinity and agreement, mediated by the third leg of communication. If you merge the poles of affinity and agreement the result is understanding.

But it is quite impossible to place a triangle without two dualities. One duality is the affinity/agreement (actually otura/irete in Ifa-speak), but from where do you get the communication???? It must come from somewhere else, and due to the dual nature of this universe, communication must be one pole of some duality. Result: two dualities must be present to place the triangle. Three are represented in the triangle, and a fourth is hidden...

...a four pole structure therefore places a three pole one.

PS: I don't want a headache, so I will forego visualizing that damned 11-cell!!!! ;-P  

6 May 2007 @ 06:30 by atunmenra : Higher Dimensions
Thanks for posting this. Michio Kaku speaks of these other dimensions.

I like the Pleiadian Agenda, by Barbara Hand Clow, and also The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions.

Peace out,

9 May 2007 @ 04:56 by CJ Fearnley @ : Quantum Building
The Synergetics Collaborative will be holding a Workshop on "Quantum Building: The First 28 Most-Efficient-Minimum Geometrical Systems" which might be interesting to people who like this type of geometry. Information is at  

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