The Sandorian Grove: The Newest Saint: A Wonder-Pill Brother & Call for Legalization of Placebos    
 The Newest Saint: A Wonder-Pill Brother & Call for Legalization of Placebos1 comment
picture12 May 2007 @ 04:39, by Max Sandor

One of the first things the Pope was to do after setting foot in Brazil was to make a Saint out of a guy who would nowadays been arrested for quackery: frei Galvão.

His 'wonder-pills' are still being distributed today, 185 years after his death. Since it works for some, like any placebo, it would be time to legalize placebos officially.
After all, some placebos have a HIGHER success rate than the hi-cost medications, AND they don't have the negative side-effects of nowadays drugs.

Good move, Pope !!

As the Germans like to think, according to the Bild Zeitung; Wir sind Pabst (We are the Pope!)

If you're reading above link, you'll exposed to yet another German truth (Goethe would have a heart attack if he would reading this!): Fat people are HAPPIER!!

Happier than who or what????

Well, if in doubt, get a pill of Saint frei Galvão, that will teach you!

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1 comment

12 May 2007 @ 07:42 by Merlin Silk @ : Die Bild Zeitung
Ohh, these memories!
Remember the Sunday Edition of the Bild Zeitung? We had a guy in uniform driving through the streets on his tricycle with a little bell "Bild Zeitung!! - Bild Zeitung!!"
An important element of his uniform was the very special cap he wore. And I had one just like it. I got the logo of that news paper and put it on my cap to look the same way as the delivery guy - with the little alteration that under the logo it said "Macht Dumm" - Makes Stupid.
Ohh, those memories of first activism...  

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