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picture12 May 2007 @ 18:25, by Max Sandor

as times are changing, I am regressing into babytalk, looking around for modern lullabys. Preferably intelligent ones like Franz-Josef Degenhardt's 'Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern', one of the few not-brain-dead songs of recent German history (30 years ago, oh well)...

Any suggestions for modern Lullabys from around the world are very welcomed by Anthony (he'll be the judge)...

For now, Whitesnake's Blind Man (see lyrics at the end)...
The cats went to sleep already before (Edward the Bold and Reckless and his mom, Gata Mel).


I was dreaming of the past,
Why do good times never last
Help me jesus, show the way
I can’t hold on another day

I was hungry, felling low,
I just couldn’t make out which way to go
Chasing rainbows that have no end,
The road is long without friend

Be my friend, be my brother,
Be the piper, play the call
Across the seven seas of wonder
Be the guardian of my soul

Just a young man looking homeward,
Watching the sun go down again
Across the water, the sun is shining,
But, will it ever, will it ever be the same

Be my friend, be my brother,
Be the piper, play the call
Across the seven seas of wonder
Be the guardian of my soul

I need somebody, I need someone,
I need somebody to call my own
Like a blindman, I can feel the heat of the sun,
But, like a blindman
I don’t know, I don’t know,
I don’t know where it’s coming from

Be my friend, be my brother,
Be the piper, play the call
Across the seven seas of wonder
Be the guardian of my soul

I need somebody, I need someone,
I need somebody to call my own
Like a blindman, I can feel the heat of the sun,
But, like a blindman
I don’t know, I don’t know,
I don’t know where it's coming from

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13 May 2007 @ 03:27 by a-d : It's not a Lullaby per see
but absolutely one Anthony would dig! : ) Andreas Vollenweider's "Caverna Magica" from much "Of late"! : ).... but heyyy; Anthony still remembering his own Caverna Magica will -most likely- give it thumbs up! (give me a "minute" and I'll find more suggestions for "our" Little Prince of Love & Light : ) /// A-d  

13 May 2007 @ 16:03 by Helo @ : to a-d and all moms of the world :-) :-)
All the best wishes to you, dear a-d, today, on Mother's day 2007, from Heloisa and Maira !!!!!!! We are happy and grateful for your messages full of love and true understanding !
(a toast from mx & anthony roars in the background)  

14 May 2007 @ 01:40 by a-d : The other two....
CD's I had in mind: Mike Rowland: "Fairy Ring" and Kitaro's "Silk Road". The Music in all these is straight from Heaven! : ) ask Anthony after he heard them once if it ain't true! : )  

26 May 2007 @ 01:19 by a-d : Hi Guys ( this means
Dearest Little Anthony,( Mommy & Grand Ma, Daddy & Grand Pa & al and later; all who show up in your life)

You just arrived here from the Octave just above... you arrived into the frequency of Magic; where Instant Manifestation is the King.
You arrived Divine, with NO History as a burden, despite what all the Old Paradigm Believers want you to join them into believing. But I tell you : DON'T buy that old s--t! It is faulty and a "religion" of OPPRESSORS who want -and have been quite successfully forcing on the ones they want to RULE = LIMIT (in plain English)= oppress/ make to slaves -after first having stripped the People's Divinity by lying about them; making them feel guilty and faulty and UN-knowing. You were born knowing all the Cosmic Info you need in order to enjoy this Octave as long as you want and then re-learn the next Octave, where you came from an thus then use your intention and turn your body back to what here is considered "nothing but Light/body"... nothing but a higher frequency of life. ...and you don't need to die to become this higher frequency body. Most likely THAT old trick won't do it anyway. We don't know. But we DO know that this what I am telling you here to hang on to DOES work! Just keep your Cosmic Skills sharp. Never let ANYBODY dull them for you! : Yours to use in every single moment of your live you have: Divine
-Instinct (gut feeling/s)
- Inspiration
-Common Sense
All these together makes up what is called Intelligence. But these are still
not working a hundred for you before you learn to stick to your guns -as the saying goes- with your unweivering "Yes" for something -or "No" for/=against something. That is what is refered to as Intellect, whose Divine Mission is to find the cosmic concepts that will get your "Yes" and to discriminate the the lower vibrational -Socio-political concepts, theories, dogmas, educations etc -nonsense that -hopefully- will receive your "No". To be "An intellectual" is to(still) be SEARCHING for one's Own TRUTH; which should be the only "things" to get one's "Yes"!... How often do grown ups of today find this, eh?!... Your Yes -or No is your ROCK ( = your TRUTH) on which you build your EVERLASTING life -or not! Just know this!
Hopefully no grown up will ever never lie to you because that will unfailingly make you distrust your Inner Gut feelings; Instincts and Intuitions!
Grown ups have been such dorks the last 10.000 years and lied to little kids about their own feelings, insecurities, confusions etc... forever... as it seems...Just know that Grown Ups rather lie to you and make up stupid theories and "ideologies" about pretty much everything than say "Honey, I don't know the answer to your question"... On and on it goes!
You, just like we all, came here with a CLEAN/BLANK slate -NOT with some guuwie yacky stuff of "karma from Past Lives" that supposedly is here now again (to haunt you in) order for you "fix it". Please, Anthony, what ever you do: do NOT buy into that line of BS!!! IT IS NOTHIN' BUT BS!
Keep me posted, Dear Little One! I keep my fingers crossed for you "forever", rooting for you in the sidelines!

"Auntie" Astrid
PS. There's two Songs I would like to send with you on your Journey: One is Joan Baez' : "There But for Fortune"
The other is Sally Oldfield's : "Love Is Everywhere" (from Sally's CD "Celebration" from the early Eighties; available "everywhere" in Europe)
If I can find the lyrics to these, I will post them here for you...  

22 Jun 2007 @ 02:17 by a-d : Here,Little One;
"There But For Fortune"
Lyrics - Joan Baez

Show me the prison, show me the jail
Show me the prisoner, whose life has gone stale
And I'll show you a young man
With so many reasons why
And there but for fortune, go you or

Show me the alley, show me the train
Show me the hobo, who sleeps out in the rain
And I'll show you a young man
With so many reasons why
And there but for fortune ,go you or I,

Show me the whiskey, that stains on the floor
Show me the drunkard, as he stumbles out the door
And I'll show you a young man
with so many reasons why
And there but for fortune go you or I, mmm,mm

Show me the country, where the bombs had to fall
Show me the ruins of the buildings, once so tall
And I'll show you a young man
with so many reasons why
And there but for fortune go you and I, you and I.  

9 Aug 2007 @ 05:42 by al @ : baby
Jean Liedloff. (Living Treasures)

Jean Liedloff is the author of The Continuum Concept, about which John Holt said, "I don't know if the world can be saved by a book, but if it could be this might just be the one." This is the book that taught a generation of mothers the importance of holding their babies.

Liedloff lived for two-and-a-half years in the South American jungle with Stone Age Indians. After the fourth of her five expeditions, she recognized that the Indians were "having a much better time with the same human nature that seems to be giving us so much trouble," and became convinced that "we have disastrously misunderstood our own nature." Most critically, Liedloff says that we in Western civilization do not meet the innate needs of babies and children to be held.

She observed that the Venezuelan indigenous people were the happiest people she had ever seen. The children were emotionally mature, obedient, and well behaved; they almost never cried or fought with each other. The mothers maintained nearly 24-hour bodily contact with their infants as they went about their daily tasks. From this strong base of security, the children grew up to be independent, centered, and serene. After years of reflection, Liedloff evolved "the continuum concept," which she articulates in her book, now translated into 14 languages. Liedloff believes that appropriate treatment of infants and children includes constant physical contact until they move toward independence, creeping, crawling, and then walking. Deprivation of this "in-arms" phase and mistrust of the deeply social nature of our species produces anti-self and consequent antisocial
1. denoting behavior that violates the rights of others, societal mores, or the law.
2. denoting the specific personality traits seen in antisocial personality disorder.


an·ti·so·cial (n feelings. The result is the "pandemic pathology called normal."

The Liedloff Society for the Continuum Concept,, is a nonprofit organization supported by an international network that has formed around the book. Liedloff lives on a houseboat in Sausalito, California, where she gives private consultations on board or by telephone to clients all over the world.  

3 Sep 2007 @ 06:41 by Tom Hall @ : Modern Lullabies
Worked well for infants I have known, and well beloved by adults :
1. Ray Nelson's Lullaby - hmm i do not have the the tune recorded ...
written by Ray Nelson in Albany(Berkeley) 1950/1960 - The words marvelous
Sample lines: Sunrise in the morning, Moonrise in the evening, Starrise when my baby's asleep ....... brother Frog will sing, Granny clock-bell will ring, sister Cat will see all is well .... the Wind has a story to tell
2. followed by the full "Cat and the Fiddle/Cow jumped over the Moon" rhyme from the Fellowship of the Ring - which Frodo sang at the Inn .... [[that usually was sufficient]] and finally
3> Lullaby inspired and written by myself for my son: Pink cotton-candy clouds in a lemonade sky; bright banners wave from a castle so high....[[refrain...... dream ponies come prancing, stepping so high - bring sunshine tomorrow speed the night swiftly by ...

and of course Bob Dylan's FOREVER YOUNG ....

if seriously seriously interested, [Anthony], i'll be pleased to try and get a digital file onto yeWWWeb for you  

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